Climate change and pandemics. Possible relationship. Future scenarios in an American research

Human health depends on the environment. A warning often repeated by experts, trying to make society understand how ongoing climate change is not just a matter of insider. Rather, a risk that is about to materialize for man. This is confirmed by a study published in the journal Nature, conducted by a group of researchers … Read more

The technology that studies relational maps in the service of Human Resources

Technology at the service of people: how KPIs change at the age of 4.0 work according to HRCOFFEE, between benefits and risks Working people’s involvement through the use of technology is the binomial on which HRCOFFEE’s mission is based, the startup has developed a new personnel management model based on a people-centered approach (people at … Read more

Campania at the bottom of the health spending ranking

Campania at the bottom of the ranking of health spending, both public and private. It emerges from the rankings of the “Welfare Italia Index”, a monitoring tool that takes into account the areas of social policies, health, welfare and training and that allows to identify, at the regional level, the strengths and critical areas in … Read more