The energy crisis / Renewables and the issues to be addressed

The energy crisis in Europe, with significant repercussions in our country, is at the heart of many analyzes in these feverish hours. This is not just an effect of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, nor its culmination. It is also good to clarify that we are not just talking about the reserve crisis, or how … Read more

“So I escaped from hell. We will come back stronger than before” – Il Tempo

Attilio Celeghini May 5, 2022 “The destiny of our team is intimately and inextricably linked to the destiny of our city. When the war is over, we will be stronger than before. ” This is the promise of Andriy Sanin, vice-president of FC Mariupol, the city club on the Azov Sea for weeks besieged. It … Read more

Nothing new in the East

Two young men were entertaining themselves in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Baghdad. They went there to apply for a visa. In a brief interview with Iraqi television, one of them said he wanted to go to war against the Russians because he was unemployed and had heard that the reward was a visa … Read more

Does Putin Have Thyroid Cancer? “35 visits in four years”. But the Kremlin denies it

The head is fine by definition, especially when wearing the leader’s armor in one war like the one inside Ukraine. And then the Kremlin rushes, through the mouth of the spokesman Peskovto deny the news spread online by Proekt, an investigative newspaper banned by the Russian regime but accessible with the VPN system, which reveals … Read more