In Castel Belasi the photos of the author of “Beata joventut. De Faganello a Instagram”

In the European Year of Youth, the exhibition “Blessed Youth. From Faganello to Instagram”, presented today in the Kessler classroom of the Palazzo di Sociologia in Trento, offers an intriguing selection of photographs that, through cultures and youthful worlds, become the engine of a lively confrontation between generations. The inauguration is scheduled for Friday, June … Read more

Sport and youth, the challenge is in school

The International Football Tournament organized under the Presidency of Eusalp, which for 2022 is led by the Autonomous Province of Trento, held these days in the Giudicarie, has seen today an important moment of reflection on the inclusive role of the game of football in mountain areas. A role that at this historical moment, as … Read more