Structural and shared interventions are needed, not one-off measures

The behavior assumed by the Ministry of Education is very serious, which, when allocating the first tranche of PNRR resources aimed at reducing early school leaving to 3,198 schools across the country, adopted at least some distribution criteria. questionable both in terms of merit and method inspired, most likely, by a ill-concealed intention of union … Read more

published the ministerial registration circular 2022/2023

The Ministry of Education has published circular 18250, of 15 July 2022, relating to CPIA enrollments and second-degree teaching (former afternoon courses) for the 2022/2023 school year. The indications of note 12757/21 The text, when confirming the provisions contained in ministerial note 7755/19, provides the following indications: Adults with intent enroll in undergraduate courses … Read more

The school does not close in the summer! The misunderstood work of ATA staff

By the FLC CGIL Toscana. “… The School is a machine that never stops, at the service of students and families, to create new opportunities for each of them, to integrate, to enrich their experiences … “ UNTIL ECOLOGICAL CUTS The problem of ATA staff is a strong limit to the growth of the school. … Read more

At least the ius scholae

Col· Stefano Iucci In Germany in 2001 the ius soli was introduced: those born in Germany are German. Point. A series of studies carried out on this and other European cases have shown, without a doubt, that the acquisition of citizenship has positive effects on minors (lower dropout rate, better results, greater propensity to continue … Read more

Ius scholae survey: 6 out of 10 Italians agree with the citizenship of students of foreign origin

In view of thearrival at the “Ius Scholae” Discussion Room, recognizing Italian citizenship for the children of foreigners born or raised in Italy after completing 5 years of schooling, ActionAid presents the results of the survey conducted by Quorum / Youtrend to find out what Italians think about reform. This morning during the meeting at … Read more

School and sport, the budget and the advances of the manager of Physical Education of the Usr

A ‘tour de force’ between the pandemic and the chaos on the highways of Liguria, despite the joy of seeing students begin to play sports: this is the balance of the course just ended for Pierpaolo Varaldo, regional coordinator of Physical Education and Sports of the Regional School Office. The hope – for next year … Read more

Why do girls do better in school in Arab countries?

In the Arab world There is a paradox that we have been trying to investigate for years: girls are less likely to go to schoolfewer opportunities to continue studying, fewer job prospects for adults, but still they achieve much better results than their male counterparts. Of course, it is not possible to generalize and each … Read more

Marsala, the science students sworn in at the Strega Giovani Prize.

Students at the Liceo Scientifico Ruggieri in Marsala were sworn in as the 2022 Strega Giovani Prize. ‘foreigner. (Berlin, Brussels, Paris). The winner with the student vote was Veronica Raimo, winner of the ninth edition of the Strega Giovani Prize 2022, with the novel “Niente di vero”. The award ceremony took place on June 7 … Read more

Clothes at school, at the Liceo Fogazzaro strike and war between students and principal. And Commissioner Donazzan stands by the manager

VICENZA – Baccalaureate Fogazzaro of Vicenza, students against whom they criticize his strike. “There are many schools where episodes like Fogazzaro’s are in different ways, from the joke, to the commentary, to the disciplinary note. Those of us who minimize our protest at the mere request to be able to wear T-shirts and shorts may … Read more