Asciano, innovative institute with seismic safety and consumption reduction criteria with three million euros with the call of the PNRR

Mayor Nucci: “The opportunity is part of the municipal strategy to reduce the environmental impact on the territory as well as raise the quality standards of our children’s school education” A loan of 3 million and 310 thousand euros for the demolition of the Asciano secondary school and its reconstruction according to the criteria of … Read more

Guberti says enough: ancient Rome and Sampdoria are retiring from football

Stefano Guberti it stops. The captain of the Siena announced his farewell to football, officially putting an end to a career of almost twenty years on the stages of Italian professional football. After making his first steps with Alghero and Torres, the Brianza midfielder catapulted onto the stage of the Serie A in the 2005/2006 … Read more

“Harassed for years.” High School Scandal – Time

A case of alleged sexual harassment of a girl by a teacher at the Duccio di Buoninsegna art institute in Siena was announced this morning during a press conference of the “Donna Chiama Donna” association. A precise complaint, however, reveals how the teacher allegedly harassed other students over time with heavy comments. The girl who … Read more

The balloon crash was a “human error.” Ansv publishes the research report – Corriere di Siena

Claudio Coli April 15, 2022 “It was a human error“So Ansv, the National Security Agency in Volexplains the tragedy that occurred on August 16, 2021 a Good conventionwhen the pilot Elisa Agnoletti39-year-old from Cesena, was launched from the balloon which he directed, losing his life. A tragedy in the middle of summer that deeply shook … Read more