Soccer Series B, Perugia – Monza: the live match

Confirmation arrives: Frosinone has been defeated at home by Pisa and, therefore, the Grifoni are entering the playoffs. A wonderful feat, unexpected but deserved, as the white-reds have proven to be superior to their rivals throughout the championship. The rival will be Brescia. Is over! Perugia achieves the feat and wins the Monza 1-0 thanks … Read more

Lecce, from illusion to mockery in the maxi recovery. In Vicenza is 2-1 Serie A postponed to the last day with Pordenone

Lecce goes from joy to disappointment during the recovery march 106 ‘- Final. Vicenza-Lecce 2-1. Lecce postpones the promotion party. 103 ‘- Goal by Vicenza. The frog shoots from outside and surprises Gabrielle. Vicenza-Lecce 2-1 98′- Rodríguez and Calabresi enter Lecce Other fields: Pisa-Cosenza 1-1, Monza-Benevento 2-0, Cremonese-Ascoli 0-1, Cittadella-Brescia 1-0Classification: Lecce 69; Monza 67; … Read more

Serie B football, Perugia – Parma: live the match

Is over. Perugia has not been influenced by the partially unfavorable results of the afternoon (firstly the 4-1 that Frosinone has inflicted on Monza) and has beaten Parma 2-1 at the end of a very open match despite reasons seemingly different. Fulimineo double white and red advantage in the first half with Burrai, who converted … Read more

Serie B football, Alvini’s warning: “Parma demotivated? I don’t think so”

Perugia hosts a Parma out of the playoffs in Curi in the next round, Frosinone will receive a Monza still awaiting direct promotion. The turn of the day of the Liberation is more favorable, at least on paper, to the white-reds, but they must not make the mistake of underestimating the commitment: the ducal formation … Read more