The pains of the disadvantaged class

In the book The place Annie Ernaux rebuilds her childhood in the north of France and the attempted petty bourgeois rise of her working father who opens a grocery store with a mortgage. Ernaux writes that his parents “needed to live,” that is, to get out of the barriers of a condition that oscillates “between … Read more

I tell the Corriere – Belarda taught the Duce and Panatta to read the Unit

Dear Aldo, short memory. Among the many recreations of Italy’s success in the 1976 Davis Cup, never, except for distractions, was a quote from the technical director of that team, Mario Belardinelli, the man who accompanied the growth of the different Panatta, Bertolucci, Barazzutti and Zugarelli. … Augusto Frasca Dear August, On the other hand, … Read more

If making love is climate friendly: the unexpected links between sex and climate

Photo: Markus Spiske / Unsplash Between droughts and floods, between 50 ° days and snowfall in May, our lives will remain the same. Climate change – it is no longer a nebulous possibility for the future, but a phenomenon already underway – we will certainly have to try to put a stop to it; but … Read more

The great American novel by Kendrick Lamar – Giovanni Ansaldo

There is nothing harder than saying who we are. Kendrick Lamar can do just fine. In recent years, the American rapper has turned his autobiography into a work of art. Its history, and that of those close to it, has become a fundamental witness to African American culture, and an exciting history even for those … Read more

CORSAIR announces HS65 SURROUND with SoundID technology

CORSAIR, the world leader in high-performance peripherals for gamers and content creators, today announced an exciting new model in its line of gaming headphones: the HS65 SURROUND headphones. These stylish headphones feature a lightweight reinforced aluminum frame and soft memory foam headphones for maximum play and listening comfort, and also feature innovative Sonarworks SoundID technology, … Read more

SwitchBot: review, features and prices

Following the reviews of Hub Mini, Curtain, Meters I Botlet’s try again SwitchBot; company specialized in accessories for our smart home. The topic of our test today is 5 new low cost devices manufactured by SwitchBot: a motion sensor, door and window sensor, indoor camera, smart light bulb and NFC tag. A series of smart … Read more

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo: review, features and price

From Ecovacs comes the new Deebot X1 Turbo: one of the best robot vacuum cleaners and scrubbers currently on the market. A very high-end product that allows excellent cleaning of our home thanks to a powerful suction motor, a complete floor washing system and advanced technical solutions for the mapping of different environments. So let’s … Read more

Soundbar Teufel Cinebar 11: review, features and price

The subject of our test today is the complete Cinebar 11 home theater system manufactured by the German company Teufel. Set available in black and white and available in two different variants: the basic version called Cinebar 11 2.1-Set includes a thin sound bar and a wireless subwoofer to connect only to the mains; The … Read more

Near field communication: the cyber threat we carry in our pockets

In the context of the prevention of attacks on industrial information assets carried out during a recent international trade fair, the lack of awareness of the risks associated with the unbridled use of electronic business cards, commonly known as smart digital business card. Instead of the traditional exchange of refined business cards, in fact, there … Read more