In fifty years, 12 million fewer Italians

ECONOMY FESTIVAL TRENTO – We are the second country in the world with the oldest, we live longer and even better, but there is no generational change with an ever lower fertility rate to reach (and not from today) a average of 1.5 children per woman. In this situation we enter a demographic trap that … Read more

local and digital education

To be specific, Samaden adds: “As the Demarchi Foundation we are working to identify indicators and tools to be based, defining a specific operating model. In addition, as miners, we will try to make known the wealth of knowledge hidden in the communities with an operational tool based on the Mygrant platform model, presenting for … Read more

“We support research and encourage the return of Italian researchers”

TRENTO ECONOMY FESTIVAL – Promote the return of Italian researchers, encourage companies to hire new talent, encourage girls to enroll in computer science and engineering, work hard on school guidance from home ‘children. These are the lines of reflection that Maria Cristina Messa, Minister of University and Research, expressed in relation to the Festival, on … Read more

Healthy food for the youngest, the Region is launching organic school canteens

“Active organic dining rooms throughout the regional territory means change your eating patterns for the better followed by young Calabrians. The revolution of our Earth also starts from a correct lifestyle and since healthy eating of the new generations, all properly consistent with the principles of sustainability and economy circular; not to mention the relapses … Read more

dreams, skills and future. To school

Three hundred hours of training and experiential workshops. Five activity modules. Made at the 9 Enaip centers in Trentino. For the benefit of the 80 teachers trained and especially the 200 students involved. Girls and boys who were measured by motivation, professional identity, difficulties and emotions, issues that the pandemic has aggravated and questioned. And … Read more

Ad Educates the future of teachers

As part of the Educa de Rovereto Festival, a wide-ranging colloquium was held today in the late afternoon on the topics of training, improvement and updating of teachers and the education system. On the stage were the Provincial Minister of Education, University and Culture Mirko Bisesti, the Vice Chancellor Paola Iaiceli and the Vice Chancellor … Read more

contributions to small and medium enterprises

The provincial government, at the suggestion of the Provincial Councilor for Economic Development, Research and Employment, has given the green light to the new call for contributions aimed at strengthening the innovation of the production processes of SMEs in Trentino. The incentives are aimed at SMEs that are already structured and operate in the market, … Read more

World Day for Safety and Health at Work: Here’s the #Thinksafe project award

“The culture of safety at work must be a shared and shared goal, not just an institutional issue often reserved for stakeholders, or rather those interested in different areas. It is an issue that needs to be rethought, rendered In a more stimulating and dynamic way, this method involves not only adult workers but also … Read more