A team of friends from Altamura wins the National Football 5 Final in Misano. The photos

A team of friends from Altamura wins the National Football 5 Finals in Misano © Altamuralive A team of friends from Altamura wins the National Football 5 Final in Misano. We spoke to them after this wonderful 5-a-side football experience, fun and friendship. How and when was West Ham Altamura born? West Ham Altamura, a … Read more

Bitonto, Paralympic sports workshop with Elos

Elos Paralympic Sports Club “Michele Cioce” © nc The city of Bitonto is once again confirmed as a Paralympic workshop. Among projects and activities that insist on the territory, the annual programming of the Elos Paralympic Sports Club “Michele Cioce” di Bitonto closes the 2021/2022 sports course with a series of interventions aimed at disseminating, … Read more

Memory games in Bari dialect

TERESA GENTILE – Although dated (2006), the text “Head or Cross?” (Levante editori), is really an interesting and persuasive treasure chest. The book is embellished with the presentation of the journalist and writer Vittorio Polito, by the epilogue of the writer Paola Rampini, by the significant and artistic graphic illustrations created for each game by … Read more

ViviCastellanaGrotte – Between robotics and literature

As you know, from 20 to 22 May, the Fortezza da Basso in Florence hosted the Didactic Fair. Now in its fifth year, the event is the most important innovation fair in the world of education. Fiera Didacta, present in Germany for more than fifty years, transforms the Tuscan capital into the European capital of … Read more

“EHighway” technology, a new model for the design of the FiloTIR road network Photos

“EHighway” technology, a new model for the design of the FiloTIR © nc road network The eHighway system will enable steps towards the independence of fossil fuels. The new transport technology, which finds similarities in a mix, trolleybus-train, is in consolidated experimentation in Sweden, Germany and California. In Italy, tests are planned on a section … Read more

The energy crisis / Renewables and the issues to be addressed

The energy crisis in Europe, with significant repercussions in our country, is at the heart of many analyzes in these feverish hours. This is not just an effect of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, nor its culmination. It is also good to clarify that we are not just talking about the reserve crisis, or how … Read more

Once the regional school calendar has been approved, the school returns on 14 September

School boards © AndriaLive The council approved the regional school calendar 2022/23, following an agreement with the social agents. The days of school activity are set at 220 for kindergartens and 203 for the rest of the schools (reduced to 219 and 202 respectively if the day of the Board of Trustees coincides with a … Read more

The Cenedese is going a thousand, and Bitonto closes the regular season with a flower. 0-2 in Sassari

Sassari-Bitonto 0-2 © Bitonto C5 Women Beautiful girls with good weather. There will still be girls and there will still be bitontini on the spring dirt road that leads straight into the summer. After a fantastic season in which the Lions immediately tore their tender first year dress, it will be time for another historic … Read more