In Benevento the exhibition “Affinity” by Anna Coppola and Maria La Mura

The organizers communicate: At 11.00 on Sunday 10 July 2022, the exhibition “Affinity”By Anna Coppola and Maria La Mura, with a critical intervention by Mino Iorio. The artists, who have achieved a high degree of work experience, face off in an embrace of artistic “affinity,” united by a ten-year relationship of friendship and path of … Read more

Teacher training in special education and teaching: this is not the case!

“The recent Law 79/22 (conversion of the Decree Law 36/22 of” More urgent measures for the execution of the National Plan of Recovery and Resilience “) foresees only 10 Educational Credits of Pedagogy and Teaching, with the risk, therefore , that those of pedagogy and special education are reduced to an insignificant number “: so … Read more

The school, green light on the law of teacher recruitment reform – Monreale News

July 2, 2022 The chronicle varies The new law also includes changes for teacher training ROME, July 2 – The Chamber of Deputies finally approved on June 29 the bill that converted the decree law 36 implementing the PNRR (National Plan for Recovery and Resilience) already approved by the Council of Ministers in April … Read more

Municipalities are investing in the future of young people. Between tradition and innovation, the work of the ‘smart’ farmer explained in the classroom

Happy holidays … without losing sight of the future. Going to three different complexes in Chianti, in the last days of school, Elisa Corneli, president of Chiantiform, addressed a special greeting to the students of all third grade classes of Val di Pesa, Greve in Chianti and Barberino Tavarnelle accompanied for ” invitation to take … Read more

Against early school leaving of 10 million in 64 schools in Brescia

Want to advertise on this site? Background rain to combat early school leaving. The Ministry of Education has assigned them in the context of Pnrrassigning more than 500 million euros in high schools and high schools in the bootto implement interventions and projects aimed at students with learning disabilities. If more than 50% of the … Read more

Romania: the country of single mothers / Romania / zones / Home

Romania is the first EU country in number of single mothers. Bucharest MPs voted a controversial law on sex education in schools There are difficult realities in Romania. They often refer to children and young people, on whose rights Romania continues to occupy the low position in the European and international rankings. One of the … Read more

The new selective waste collection in Andria will begin on 1 July

Waste collection, let’s start with the new service. Many new features are planned © AndriaLive From July 1, a new urban hygiene service arrives in Andria, signed by the ATI (Temporary Association of Companies) between Gial Plast srl and SiEco spa already anticipated in our article yesterday. There are many novelties in sight for citizens, … Read more