Environment-culture-events- 12/06/2022 – Great success of the musical rehearsal of the high school of Pomarico

Great success of the musical rehearsal of the Pomarico Institute 06/12/2022 On the evening of June 7, in the Pomarico sports pavilion, the end-of-year writing of the music orientation classes for the first year of high school. The boys and girls of the music course performed a beautiful repertoire … Read more

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, sclerosis: this is how green areas protect us (by F. Ferrini)

The health emergency we face due to a virus should not make us forget that non-communicable diseases are the main culprits of the global burden of disease: they kill 40 million people every year, equivalent to about 70 % of all deaths worldwide. These are diseases that often coexist with depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: … Read more

Environment-culture-events- 9/05/2022 – A significant didactic experience: the knowledge of Remon

A significant teaching experience: Remon’s knowledge 9/05/2022 The power of reading as an essential opportunity for human and cultural growth; an articulated path that is part of a project born in 2018 and that aims, precisely through reading, to promote inclusion. On May 5, Senise’s’ Leonardo Sinisgalli ‘higher education … Read more

Kayak with the natives to see how the weather is changing in the Amazon

Along the meanders of the world’s most powerful waters, immersed in the forest between anacondas and giant ants, there are the trials and tribulations of an entire planet changing at the hands of man. The Negro River is one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon River. Francesc Magistralinature guide and explorer, get to know … Read more

Climate change and pandemics. Possible relationship. Future scenarios in an American research

Human health depends on the environment. A warning often repeated by experts, trying to make society understand how ongoing climate change is not just a matter of insider. Rather, a risk that is about to materialize for man. This is confirmed by a study published in the journal Nature, conducted by a group of researchers … Read more

Italian universities: those that break down the barriers between science, technology and the humanities

But innovative courses do not stop at the field of engineering. The three-year cycle of Economics and Big Data at Roma Tre University, activated precisely from this year, aims to train graduates who combine economic, business, legal, math and statistics skills, own of the degrees of economy, with those of computer science and programming, with … Read more