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The lawyer Antonio Rizzoa Salernita fan has sent us, in relation to the recent new complaints against the city of Salerno, held on the sidelines of a presentation of his novel in Roccapiemonte, a new response to the Neapolitan writer. Maurici De Giovanni. We publish the full text of your letter. “Dear Maurizio De Giovanni, … Read more | Information portal on Salerno and its province

The IIS “B. Focaccia” in Salerno was awarded the Escola Superior Prize in the third edition of “The Mediterranean Exchange of Training and Work”, an event promoted by the Center d’Estudis Super Sud in collaboration with the Group Stratego and sponsored by the Region of Campania, the Province and the Municipality of Salerno, the Universities … Read more

Climate change and pandemics. Possible relationship. Future scenarios in an American research

Human health depends on the environment. A warning often repeated by experts, trying to make society understand how ongoing climate change is not just a matter of insider. Rather, a risk that is about to materialize for man. This is confirmed by a study published in the journal Nature, conducted by a group of researchers … Read more