Nations League: Italy defeat, Germany win 5-2 – Football

Defeat of Italy, defeated by 5-2 of Germany in a League of Nations match played in Moenchengladbach. “It’s a shame we ended up like that, we fit too well in the first half, we let them play, but the group is still open.” This is how coach Roberto Mancini appeared on Rai1, after the five … Read more

Climate change and pandemics. Possible relationship. Future scenarios in an American research

Human health depends on the environment. A warning often repeated by experts, trying to make society understand how ongoing climate change is not just a matter of insider. Rather, a risk that is about to materialize for man. This is confirmed by a study published in the journal Nature, conducted by a group of researchers … Read more

Ready for Easter – Panorama

With less than 20 days to go before Easter, supermarkets, e-commerce and star chefs are already working to create unique creations. The dove is no longer what we know (or rather not just) made from candied fruit and almonds, but is enriched with cherries, pistachios, chocolate and even a cream based on limoncello, designed by … Read more