Football | Series A | 37th day | Juventus-Lazio | Goodbye Chiellini and Dybala at the Stadium

Tonight, Monday 16 May 2022, at 8.45 pm, at the Stadium, in the postponement of the 37th day of the Serie A 2021-22 championship, will not be a match like any other for the people of Juventus , which will be played against former Maurizio Sarri, the last coach of the championship in the history … Read more

Football and NFT: clubs and players in the non-consumable token market

In the last year, companies and athletes have decided to embark on the trend of non-consumable tokens. These are the ones that have been very focused on NFT Fan Tokens are having great success in football and also with clubs and NFT players who want to achieve the same result. Athletes are gradually entering the … Read more

Frosinone calcium, the brand attracts foreign investors. The goal is to build a Serie A club first off the field

Goals are high. To support them are the ambitions and the desire to become a model and solid company. Therefore, before attempting to return to the football Olympus, it is necessary to complete the process of renewal and consolidation of the club. A necessary metamorphosis to make the final leap in quality and, above all, … Read more

Players to watch out for in the fight for salvation

There are only two days left to play in this 2021-2022 Serie A championship and from the Scudetto fight, through that Europa League and Conference League and reaching the relegation zone, everything has to be decided. Especially in the less noble areas of the ranking chaos reigns and today we … Read more

In Latin the Sports Festival

He CONI field di Latina is preparing to host a three-day event dedicated to sports and entertainment: from 13 to 15 May in fact it will be held on Sports Festival organized by the Provincial Committee of Latin Opera in the framework of Percorsi di Sport, an initiative promoted by OPES and … Read more

Football in the election programs, De Domenico and Basile responded to the call of the Acr Messina

In recent days, the invitation of the President of Messina, Pietro Sciotto, to the candidates for mayor. “What do the football and Acr programs provide?” Asked the club’s owner. And there are those who have already answered. The center-left coalition candidate for mayor, Franco De Domenico, for example, has repeatedly stressed that “professional sport must … Read more

Revolution in the Flaminio, from the PalaTiziano to the Maxxi, the city of sport and culture

Pietralata will be born the new stadium in Rome, but the Municipality does not want to let the historic facilities go to a slow decline: the Flaminio, the PalaTiziano and the Olympic (when it will no longer have the matches in Rome and Lazio). In addition, it aims to relaunch the entire Flaminio quadrant to … Read more

Football and solidarity, the “Match of Life” at the Barbera with the teams of comedians and deejays

The organizing machine of the “Match of Life 2022” has begun, the event of awareness, information and education on myeliasis scheduled for June 16 at the Renzo Barbera Municipal Stadium in Palermo from 19. The Match of Life 2022 will see on the field the Italian national comedians (Nic) with captain Roberto Lipari, the national … Read more