Eurovision girls rescued: the pop Amazon, the mermaid shouting the motto of the Ukrainian resistance and the ice sisters

Sensual, daring, original: Eurovision girls make themselves heard on stage. Not just with their beautiful voices. They don’t lose a beat and don’t mind showing off their bodies and thoughts. They sing with determination and even more ardently say what they think. In short, no filter, despite criticism and attacks. As in the case of … Read more

Cristiano Malgioglio: “Ready for Eurovision 2022, then I have a new TV project”

Christian Malgioglio will be the “talking grill” of Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the super music event aired from May 10-14 on Rai1 and RaiPlay. He will be on stage at the PalaOlimpico in Turin to lead Laura Pausini, Mika I Alessandro Cattelanwhile the comment “on the track” corresponds to Malgioglio with Gabriel Corsi I Carolina … Read more