More space for women (and sustainability) on Alice Acciarri’s new eBay Italia

Technology is a world largely maleon the one hand and on the other: fans tend to be men (or at least that’s the usual sentiment) and in the top positions of companies in the sector women are very few. Technology is also a very world unsustainableComputers, server farms, and data centers take up space and … Read more

E-commerce, the boom that does not stop

Online shopping soared during the pandemic, but it still holds up today. Netcomm: “33 million Italians have bought online” Milan hosted the Netcomm Forum, the leading conference on new scenarios and emerging trends in the digital world where ever-expanding e-commerce industry figures have emerged. The growth that inevitably occurred during the pandemic is holding up … Read more

Xiaomi, the smartwatch at a price never seen before: the discount

Much more than a “simple” pedometer, despite its small size and very low weight (12.8 grams), the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is a true sports digital assistant, able to monitor dozens of different training activities and provide useful information on the health of the user. A fully functional wearable, which will soon become one … Read more