DS 4 Pure Tech 180, a balance between design and technology – The Test by ANSA Motori

A tradition that begins a long time ago, that is, since in 1955 the Italian Flaminio Bertoni surprised the whole world by signing the futuristic design of the Citroën DS. Since then, after these acronyms were promoted to brand status with the birth of DS Automobiles, each new model has linked the DS name to … Read more

Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4xe Hybrid Technologies – Under the Lens

Jeep Grand Cherokee, all the secrets of the hybrid version 4x 2.0 turbo gasoline engine, two electric units and 17 kWh battery In addition to the sleek body – aerodynamic, modern and of unquestionably premium quality – the new Jeep Grand Cherokee has stood out for a long time. list of technological innovations, starting with … Read more