World Oceans Day, 15 songs to listen to that celebrate the sea

World Oceans Day, established by the United Nations, is celebrated every year on June 8. Many artists have made the sea the protagonist of their songs, sometimes as a background, others as a symbol of joy and freedom, or as a representation of loneliness and sadness: from Lucio Dalla to Gino Paoli, passing for Loredana … Read more

Annual Report 2021, Final Considerations of the Governor of the Bank of Italy Visco

The Governor of the Bank of Italy presents the final considerations on the occasion of the publication of the 2021 Annual Report Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “triggered a serious humanitarian crisis and resurfaced tensions in different parts of the world,” Bank of Italy Governor Ignazio Visco said in a statement. on the occasion of the … Read more

Serie A, Day 38: The results of all today’s matches. DIRECT

Last day of the championship: it started in the afternoon with the match in Marassi between Genoa and Bologna: the Emilians win with a goal from Barrow. The other three matches on the pitch: Atalanta-Empoli, Fiorentina-Juventus (both live on Sky Sport channels and broadcast on NOW) and Lazio-Verona Following Friday’s advance between Turin and Rome, … Read more

“Tools for growth”: the 3 million CDP and Con i Bambini appeal to young people in the South

“Invest in the training of new generations and in human capital, helping to bridge the digital divide between North and South and generate a positive economic and social impact on the territory.” These are the main objectives of the call “Tools to grow” worth 3 million euros promoted by the CDP Foundation and the social … Read more

For the digital euro, technology exists and is not a blockchain. The MIT project in Boston

There has been a lot of talk in the last period about the Digital Euro, or the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in general, a digital currency issued directly by a Central Bank, which can be used for direct payments between users. (peer payment). The digital euro would be like banknotes, but in digital format, … Read more

Lack of technology, governance between utopian and dystopian visions (by A. Molina)

Technologies are beginning to transform the world at breakneck speed. And transformation is not just about the world of work. Above all, cross-cutting technologies, such as robotics, will have an increasingly important impact on society as a whole and on ourselves, on our lives. But we are not yet fully aware of it, despite the … Read more

Molinari interviews Colao: “Technology is the turbo”

A full interview that Vittorio Colao, Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition, gave to the director of Repubblica Maurizio Molinari on the stage of the Italian Tech Academy, a school, created in collaboration with Talent Garden, open to all those who want to acquire or improve digital skills. And the director went straight to … Read more

The avatar according to Billy Berlusconi: “We digitize people’s bodies”

There was a time when Berlusconi changed the world of television forever. Between the seventies and eighties, the arrival of the Mediaset networks upset the Italian publishing and television scene. Today, forty years later, it is another Berlusconi, in this case Billy – also known as Davide Luigi – who brings another innovation to Italy. … Read more

Series A, Day 34: The results of all today’s matches. DIRECT

The 34th day opened with two challenges at once. The Grenadiers win with a double from Lukic, Pasalic, Zapata and Muriel scoring for Gasperini’s team. At the San Siro, the Nerazzurri won the big game thanks to goals from Dumfries, Borozovic and Lautaro. Hellas Verona-Sampdoria closes on Saturday (live on Sky) The 34th round of … Read more

Treccani will update the synonyms for the word “woman”: offensive expressions

The Treccani Encyclopedia Institute has chosen to modify some examples cited in the Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, relating to the expression “lost woman.” The motto is accompanied by a series of examples of adjectives derived from vulgar expressions, derived from spoken language. After a debate that began with a letter published in Repubblica and … Read more