Labor Agenda, Borraccino: effective measures of the region of Puglia for employment, education and training

BARI – Thanks to the commitment of the President of Emilia and the Minister of the branch, Leo, begins in Puglia a new and important program of active policies and training, the result of a participatory process in the context of the Labor Agenda. Thus, in a note, Mino Borraccino, adviser to the president of … Read more

Pnrr and the fight against early school leaving, FLC Cgil: “In Puglia 66% of schools excluded”

The note of the Flc Cgil Puglia: “it is essential to hire staff and have adequate facilities” BARI – The behavior assumed by the Ministry of Education is very serious, which, in allocating the first tranche of PNRR resources to reduce early school leaving to 3,198 schools across the country, adopted distribution criteria, at least … Read more

Memory games in Bari dialect

TERESA GENTILE – Although dated (2006), the text “Head or Cross?” (Levante editori), is really an interesting and persuasive treasure chest. The book is embellished with the presentation of the journalist and writer Vittorio Polito, by the epilogue of the writer Paola Rampini, by the significant and artistic graphic illustrations created for each game by … Read more

Asciano, innovative institute with seismic safety and consumption reduction criteria with three million euros with the call of the PNRR

Mayor Nucci: “The opportunity is part of the municipal strategy to reduce the environmental impact on the territory as well as raise the quality standards of our children’s school education” A loan of 3 million and 310 thousand euros for the demolition of the Asciano secondary school and its reconstruction according to the criteria of … Read more

Climate change and pandemics. Possible relationship. Future scenarios in an American research

Human health depends on the environment. A warning often repeated by experts, trying to make society understand how ongoing climate change is not just a matter of insider. Rather, a risk that is about to materialize for man. This is confirmed by a study published in the journal Nature, conducted by a group of researchers … Read more

technology for SMEs and smart work –

The pandemic has affected our lives and many of the changes it has brought will remain with us for a long time. The spread of e-commerce, the exploration of metavers, the spread of smart work, and teleconferencing platforms are just a few of the trends that Covid-19 has helped accelerate. The world of work has … Read more