In Tanzania, cinema belongs to girls – Vincenzo Giardina

June 15, 2022 4:31 p.m. Four women and their painful and violent stories, but also marked by courage and hope. From Dar es Salaam, the economic capital of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, they speak to the world through a film, Binti, which in Swahili means “girl”. And the girls are the screenwriter, the director … Read more

Giani: “Women’s emancipation linked to women’s final entry into sport”

“It is well known that sport has a beneficial effect on the psychophysical health of those who practice it, as well as positive influences on mood. Just as it is known that a woman who does sports is an active, positive, often cheerful and strong person, optimistic, healthy and successful. However, this has not always … Read more

Falcone: University; the Saperi award for legality returns – MIUR

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 23 – The Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa, and the President of the Giovanni Falcone Foundation, Maria Falcone, have presented this morning the new edition of “Knowledge for legality: Giovanni Falcone “on the occasion of the XXX anniversary of the Capaci and Via D’Amelio massacres. This year the … Read more

Festa dello Sport, three “stellar” days in Porto Antico –

GENOA – It will be a stellar weekend thanks to the Sports Festival, promoted by Stelle in Sport, which will be held at the Porto Antico in Genoa., from Friday to Sunday, three “stellar” days based on sport, movement, well-being and friendship. The countdown is over and the Porto Antico Sports Festival in Genoa is … Read more

I tell the Corriere – Belarda taught the Duce and Panatta to read the Unit

Dear Aldo, short memory. Among the many recreations of Italy’s success in the 1976 Davis Cup, never, except for distractions, was a quote from the technical director of that team, Mario Belardinelli, the man who accompanied the growth of the different Panatta, Bertolucci, Barazzutti and Zugarelli. … Augusto Frasca Dear August, On the other hand, … Read more

The great American novel by Kendrick Lamar – Giovanni Ansaldo

There is nothing harder than saying who we are. Kendrick Lamar can do just fine. In recent years, the American rapper has turned his autobiography into a work of art. Its history, and that of those close to it, has become a fundamental witness to African American culture, and an exciting history even for those … Read more

Weekend dates in Liguria, from the Frecce tricolori to the selections for Miss Italy –

This week we start with the Frecce tricolori that on Sunday afternoon will be launched through the sky of Genoa, obviously followed live by the cameras of Primocanale. Its official name is ‘313º Acrobatic Training Group’, the largest group of its kind in the world (ten aircraft, nine in training and one solo), born in … Read more

From the modest nineteenth century to the age of the image: this is how the vision of the body has changed

UDINE. Last appointment, Sunday, May 8, in Giovanni da Udine, for the cycle “History Lessons”, organized by Laterza in collaboration with the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine Foundation. Following the red thread “the history of the body”, Professor Alberto Mario Banti of the University of Pisa, presented by Mario Brandolin for the Messaggero Veneto, spoke … Read more

Revolution in the Flaminio, from the PalaTiziano to the Maxxi, the city of sport and culture

Pietralata will be born the new stadium in Rome, but the Municipality does not want to let the historic facilities go to a slow decline: the Flaminio, the PalaTiziano and the Olympic (when it will no longer have the matches in Rome and Lazio). In addition, it aims to relaunch the entire Flaminio quadrant to … Read more