“Banks and Fintech have common and homogeneous rules”

“Any improvement in regulatory guarantees – if deemed necessary – can only be carried out at European level, to avoid mismatches between European and national standards, with an alteration of the competitive terrain within the Banking Union.” This closes the 40 pages of the report by Giovanni Sabatini, General Manager of Abi and Salvatore Poloni, … Read more

the report of the President of the Commission Nicola Morra

It is Nicola Morra, chairman of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the phenomenon of mafias and other criminal associations, who is cutting the dissolution of municipalities by mafia infiltration. On April 26, the senator presented the report on the prevention of corruption and transparency in the municipalities dissolved for the mafia, which took into … Read more

Another EU agreement on the wine-cancer relationship. Cent: “We continue to defend made in Italy”

B.good news for you. The Commission Scholarship – The European Parliament’s Special Committee on Cancer Control has given its assent to the report on European cancer plan which will now have to be voted on by the assembly in the coming days. Where is the catch? It lies in the fact that within the relationship … Read more