Gaslini’s project ‘A four-legged medicine’

Bring the simple and spontaneous serenity of horses, ponies and donkeys to health centers. This is the aim of the ‘A four-legged medicine’ project, presented on Monday 20 June in Gaslini. The animals were rescued by the association Progetto Islander Onlus, rehabilitated and included in the paths ‘Ri.abilitiamoci’, dedicated to all fragile people. Appropriate courses … Read more

Family Day, Vatican employees united by sport and solidarity

Sunday 12 June is Family Day promoted by Asd Sport at the Vatican at the Cavalieri di Colombo Sports Center. The event is linked to a fundraiser for the completion of the newly inaugurated Palliative Care Center for the Child Jesus. Avallone (Bambino Gesù Foundation): family solidarity is a key support for young hospital patients … Read more

Compared to school systems, in Finnish schools, children are responsible

Comparative school systems. This is not a Pindar flight but comparing school systems, although two completely different realities, helps to understand in which direction to go for a healthy and correct training of the little ones. Comparing the Italian school system with the Finnish one is almost impossible even if there are real points of … Read more

Acute hepatitis in children, what we know about the relationship with Covid-19

The cases of hepatitis acute affecting children since early April continue to grow, but theetiology of the disease remains unknown. While, especially in the UK, a possible association has been found with an infection in several patients adenovirusother hypotheses, yet to be proven, suggest this to investigate the relationship between hepatitis and Covid-19: recently, in … Read more

Right to education. Opam: “The human factor has been the center of our mission for 50 years”

To celebrate the important anniversary, an international competition entitled “Poetry is a love letter to the world” was launched. Young people from Africa (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Uganda and Togo), Asia (Philippines, India, Indonesia and Myanmar), Latin America (Bolivia and Brazil) and Europe (Albania and Italy) took part. . in … Read more

Jubilee of the Philippine Pious Teachers: At School for Comprehensive Training

The founder of the nuns who are dedicated to teaching in schools, Lucia Filippini, was born 350 years ago. In memory of their loving and forceful style, the sisters dedicated to this apostolate emphasize the need to relaunch, precisely through their educational work, the values ​​on which to build a healthy capacity for relationship and … Read more

Unknown childhood acute hepatitis: what it is and causes

“I met with representatives of the Italian Federation of Pediatricians this morning. Its network of proximity is essential to protect the health of children and assist their families. These days they are also busy monitoring any case of acute hepatitis in children. Italy can count on its passion and great professionalism at all times. “The … Read more

Ready for Easter – Panorama

With less than 20 days to go before Easter, supermarkets, e-commerce and star chefs are already working to create unique creations. The dove is no longer what we know (or rather not just) made from candied fruit and almonds, but is enriched with cherries, pistachios, chocolate and even a cream based on limoncello, designed by … Read more