honor 50 years institute Vespucci porto arrives the training ship Palinuro

GALLIPOLI – In the year of celebration of its 50th anniversary, a new significant event will crown the celebrations for school autonomy of the “Vespucci” high school in Gallipoli with the visit, and parking, of the Palinuro boat from the marina to the port of the beautiful city. It was on February 21, 1972 when … Read more

50 years ago the Watergate scandal: the scourge of corruption and the lesson of journalism

Episode of “Doppio Click”, a program of Vatican Radio, dedicated to an event that has changed the history not only of American politics. An opportunity to reread, through the words of Pope Francis, reflections on some of the evils that can affect politics and on the role of information. Amedeo Lomonaco – Vatican City “I … Read more

Jubilee of the Philippine Pious Teachers: At School for Comprehensive Training

The founder of the nuns who are dedicated to teaching in schools, Lucia Filippini, was born 350 years ago. In memory of their loving and forceful style, the sisters dedicated to this apostolate emphasize the need to relaunch, precisely through their educational work, the values ​​on which to build a healthy capacity for relationship and … Read more