Is it possible to fall in love with artificial intelligence?

There is a passage from But do androids dream of electric sheep?the book by Philip K. Dick that inspired him Blade Runner, in which Rachel, the protagonist robot Rick Deckard has a love story, reflects on being an android. It digs into itself, into self-consciousness, into that consciousness which, for cultural and technological reasons, makes … Read more

Sensors: Is it still possible to be creative without using technology?

There is an artificial intelligence that it’s called Dall-E 2 and its job is simple: Be creative and generate images from the air. Humans tell her what they want and she creates it in seconds: she gets it using a large database of photos and also her ability to combine them and understand people’s requests. … Read more

More aggressive and unable to express themselves: the identikit of young people online

Day by day, technology is taking up more and more space in our lives, making us imagine a future in which cars will be driven alone, clothes will tell us if we are healthy, homes will be smarter and smarter. There will be robots that will go to buy us, that will help us in … Read more

AIxGirls: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, One Week for Women of Tomorrow

The Volterra From July 24 to 30, the first female “field” of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will be held with the aim of training students who are in the fourth year of primary school to open up “the path to the professions of the future” There will be training sessions and workshops and the … Read more

Ukraine plans to stop the war by sending photos of dead soldiers to their mothers in Russia

When, a month after the start of the war, it became clear that the Ukrainian armed forces had access to Clearview platforma facial recognition system that allows you to associate a face with a specific identity, taking advantage of it a database of more than 10 billion images, it has been speculated that this artificial … Read more

Excellent technical training at the Instituto Superior Antonio Locatelli

There high school choice represents a crucial moment for both children and parents. There are many parameters to consider: from the quality of the teachers to the training environment, through the structure itself and the tools made available to students. If you dream of becoming an airplane pilot, the choice becomes much easier. Since 1990 … Read more

Artificial intelligence, Sara Pieri is the only Italian at the world’s first university: “A challenge for girls”

“Many friends now thank me. My experience abroad is also a stimulus for them. I recommend it to everyone: get out of your shell and embark on new challenges. Sara Pieri took her far away to Abu Dhabi. She is the only Italian among the 137 students admitted to Mohamed bin Zayed University in AI, … Read more

Italian universities: those that break down the barriers between science, technology and the humanities

But innovative courses do not stop at the field of engineering. The three-year cycle of Economics and Big Data at Roma Tre University, activated precisely from this year, aims to train graduates who combine economic, business, legal, math and statistics skills, own of the degrees of economy, with those of computer science and programming, with … Read more