Childhood cancers, the many benefits of sport (even for those with only one kidney) –

from Vera Martinella Green light, after talking to doctors, in team activities and competition. The risks of serious physical injury from collision are minimal, the benefits are many They are born with only one kidney or only one is left because of a tumor, but this does not prevent children in this condition from being … Read more

Giovanisì, “You Are Present” in Massa-Carrara: request for better schools and more efficient transport

More spaces available, better classrooms and gyms, new structures to meet the growing needs of the school population, but also more road and rail connections and, in general, a more efficient and timely public transport system. These are the requests that arose this morning, Wednesday 13 April, at the Palazzo Ducale in Massa, the seat … Read more

10 news from the world of technology!

Technology and innovation always go hand in hand. We try to observe and analyze what will be the next steps in technology and what will be the news not to be missed in the near future. We will refer research conducted by MIT professionals to understand what will be the ten most popular and functional … Read more

“How the girls from Orvieto grew up”

It was the perfect weekend for Orvieto FC, the day of the consecration of women’s football 11, whose 6-1 victory (Antonini (4), Nenna, Antonelli) against Santa Sabina kicked off the party for the victory of the championship of Excellence and for the consequent promotion to Serie C, also men’s 11 football has inflated the chest, … Read more

Region of Lombardy, the majority votes the report that cancels all responsibility in the management of the Covid: ‘Actively operated’

“Lombardy region has worked actively, tirelessly and with all means at its disposal to counter the explosion of a unknown and unexpected eventIn short, this is the management version of first pandemic wave validated by voting on Pirellonewhere most center-right approved in the classroom self-determined relationship that had come out Covid Commission of Inquiry. And … Read more