How hospitality establishments can leverage technology to maximize their profits

This article is from Chris BaniewiczExpedia Group Partner Revenue Performance Manager While the travel industry is recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry is experiencing a further increase in global demand. With employment and daily rates starting to return to pre-pandemic levels, revenue leaders aim to maximize revenue-related performance to offset … Read more

Innovation and technology at the service of the environment and sustainability

Depositphotos Image Let’s see how innovation and technology can help combat climate change and biodiversity, facilitating the energy and ecological transition. Earth Day requires reflection on how to make our contribution Commitment is important and fundamental to our existence, not to that of the Planet: it reminds us every year, on April 22, the Earth … Read more

explains the andrologist Danilo Centrella

Health pills today completes the discourse on how science or technology also comes to us in the solution of sexual disorders. He Dr. Danilo Centrella, surgeon, specialist in urology and andrology and director of the complex structure of Verbano Cusio Ossola, receives the topic of the couple and addresses the situation from a female point … Read more

Niobium batteries, 3 times more capacity and 10 times faster

LThe philosopher’s stone, according to medieval alchemists, had incredible powers. He could turn any vulgar metal into gold, grant omniscience and immortality. Niobium does not contain such miraculous properties, but what it can do may revolutionize the world of batteries. It’s not a new item and is already widely used in other applications, however how … Read more

Policlinico, the new frontiers of pediatric surgery: technology and competition at the service of the community – SulPanaro

MODENA – In the first months of 2022 the Pediatric Surgery of the AOU of Modena, directed by Dr. Pier Luca Ceccarelli, carried out the first interventions in robotic surgery that have further expanded the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of the facility: that it is able to manage a wide range of both traditional and … Read more