Technology and creativity: this is how modern digital platforms are used by two digital professionals

For a few years now there is more and more talk in the PC developer market, a new benchmark for different types of products ranging from complete computers, including laptops, to peripherals. Behind the term creator we find a large number of users who he uses digital platforms for the creation of his works, both … Read more

Italian universities: those that break down the barriers between science, technology and the humanities

But innovative courses do not stop at the field of engineering. The three-year cycle of Economics and Big Data at Roma Tre University, activated precisely from this year, aims to train graduates who combine economic, business, legal, math and statistics skills, own of the degrees of economy, with those of computer science and programming, with … Read more

Audi A3, short for technology – Useful information

TheAudi A3 – arrived at fourth generation – it is a compact The German “premium” much loved by those seeking comfort, elegance, sportiness and technology. A “big” car, available in two body variants (5-door or 4-door), but with small exterior dimensions. Below you will find one glossaries to better understand what it is acronyms which … Read more

Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4xe Hybrid Technologies – Under the Lens

Jeep Grand Cherokee, all the secrets of the hybrid version 4x 2.0 turbo gasoline engine, two electric units and 17 kWh battery In addition to the sleek body – aerodynamic, modern and of unquestionably premium quality – the new Jeep Grand Cherokee has stood out for a long time. list of technological innovations, starting with … Read more

Huawei MatePad 11, the tablet with a 2.5 K screen is at an all-time low

The world of Tablet It is clearly divided into two: Apple iPads, on the one hand, and a myriad of Android tablets, on the other. The latter range from low cost and low quality products to excellent Android tablets higher price, but even lower than iPads. The latter products included Huawei tablet, which are actually … Read more