Expo 2020 Dubai, the FS Group brings its technology: the Diamond 2.0 train and the WRTMS Urban

Gruppo Fs brings its technology to the international event: the Diamond 2.0 high-speed train and the WRTMS Urban system capable of increasing the capacity of the railway infrastructure. He Group Fs brings its technology to the Dubai Expo. On the occasion of the international event New technologies for safe and sustainable infrastructures, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana … Read more

Asus launches ExpertBook B5 and ExpertBook B5 Flip professional laptops

Asus announced the Italian release of ExpertBook B5new series of ultralight laptops equipped with FHD OLED display panels available with design in the traditional form clamshell (model B5302C) and in the form of flip convertible to 360 ° (model B5302F), to offer the maximum in productivity, portability and flexibility. The new ExpertBook B5 laptops are … Read more

With Diamante 2.0 and ERTMS Urban, the FS Group is already competing for the future

During the course of New Technologies for Safe and Sustainable Infrastructures, two events were organized aimed at the upcoming challenges of rail mobility and the development of ” sustainable, resilient, interconnected and accessible ” infrastructures, a goal which is reflected in the Pnrr launched. by the Italian government. In the acts of the Expo, iThe … Read more


– Advertising – B1-HOMEPAGE-300×250-TUNEWS24 Have you ever thought about the digital technology as an environmental support tool? If the technology-sustainability combination sounds new or convinces you a little, I hope with this article to give you a new point of view. Today, April 22, we celebrate the Earth Day. He theme chosen this year is … Read more

Sustainability and ESG: 89% of CEOs trust technology

The risks associated with climate change are orienting the business world and the industrial world in particular towards the organization and setting of production models and sustainable supply chains. A recently research commissioned by Google Cloud to Harris Poll of a sample of 1,491 business executives from 16 countries, including Italy, featured as ESG initiatives … Read more

Faang 2.0: Between the pandemic and the war, a new era begins

The current one is in context of unprecedented transformation. He states Ritu Vohoracapital market specialist T. Rowe Price. The last decade has seen the dominance of the Faang (the so-called digital giants, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google), which continued to thrive with the pandemic. The recent geopolitical turmoil, however, may have changed the rules of … Read more

Clinical risk: New technology in the operating room will help surgeons and nurses. A project of GHC and Sham Group. AssoCareNews.it

Clinical risk: The new technology installed in the operating room will help surgeons and nurses in risk management. An avant-garde project of the GHC and Sham Group. Support the work of healthcare professionals and ensure patient safety at the facility by promoting the reduction of clinical risk. It is for this purpose that a Vila … Read more

Apple, Visa, Texas Instruments, Broadcom – BrianzaDonna

“ The Near Field Communication (NFC) research report covers everything you need to know about the electronics industry. It provides a high-level overview of the market, including its definition, applications and developments, as well as manufacturing technologies. This Near Field Communication (NFC) market research study follows all the current advances and discoveries in the market. … Read more