Western Digital has it for everyone: news for consumer, professional and business users

On the occasion of the event “What’s next”, Western Digital presented several extremely interesting innovations, both in the field of consumer, business and business, as well as one new identity which best represents the mission of the company. Davide Villa and Fabrizio Keller, Director of EMEA Business Development and Senior Director of EMEA Product Marketing … Read more

Huawei introduces the ally for sport, the Watch GT 3 Pro – Hi-tech

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 18 – With the spring, many have resumed outdoor training, increasing physical activity for the summer. More and more often, technology supports daily workouts, more or less advanced, that allow you to know your results and improve day by day. However, not all high-tech tools can enjoy full functionality, style, and … Read more

The Maglifici Gran Sasso focuses on tradition, technology and greenery

Listen to the audio version of the article From old knitting machines to the latest state-of-the-art Japanese-made cotton looms. From the first sweater to a million items produced each year. A seventy-year-old thread, it should be said, practically unites these elements that represent the history, the present and the future of the knitwear factory Gran … Read more

What is the use of technology in a mall? Customer investigation beyond suspicion

It seems physically impossible, but many cases of innovation “close” without even opening them. It is a tried and tested technique of managerial illusionism: it simulates the foundation of an innovation hypothesis and contracts all the resources technically necessary to check its validity, with the sole purpose of being able to state that it is … Read more

up to 70% discount on washing machines, washing machines and air conditioners

Here are the best deals of the week on washing machines, washing machines and air conditioners, available on Mediaworld and Amazon, with discounts of up to € 780. Enable notifications to receive updates He discounts of the week are dedicated to three specific appliances: the rentersthe washing machine dryer ei Air conditioning. Instead of Mediaworldin … Read more

At the Book Fair, ROI Edizioni: “WORK AND FINANCE, NETWORK AND TECHNOLOGY: THE NEW TRENDS” / Saturday 21 May, 1.45 pm.

Announcements STAND P10 PAD 3 to the Announcements BOOK FAIR IN TORÍ WORK AND FINANCE, NETWORKS AND TECHNOLOGY: NEW TRENDS YOLO Economy and Great Resignation. Blockchain, DeFi, NFT. And again: Web3, AI, Metaverse. A conversation on the themes and slogans of the post-COVID world, and on profound changes, conflicts and the possibilities they generate. Speakers: … Read more