The Ministry of Economy and Finance has prepared the Def 2022, the Document of Economy and Finance which defines the economic and financial framework and the objectives of public finances for the next three years and which, as always, contains a chapter dedicated to reform initiatives on the government’s agenda for relaunching the country’s economy. … Read more

the relationship with Covid is being studied

At least three cases of a form of acute hepatitis of unknown origin have been reported to Spain. The disease, which has also raised concerns in the UK, mainly affects children. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is on alert. According to the Iberian media, tall three cases are being treated at … Read more

Migraine and “hole in the heart”, is there a relationship? The study of Monzino and Unimi

Milan, April 13, 2022 – Migraine and heart they are connected. He first explained the pathophysiological mechanism correlating the migraine with the aura with a congenital heart defect of the permeabilized oval foramen (PFO), commonly called ‘hole in the heart’ – that is, the lack of total closure at the birth of communication between the … Read more

Two of color. The discreet charm of the relationship (2021)

Two of color. The discreet charm of the relationship explains the bet of the couples of the future: the harmonization of two desires, the fusion of a full relationship and the self-realization of personal. Announcements From the activity of speaker in premarital courses on psychological issues and that of consultant and psychologist in listening centers … Read more

Hot air balloon crash in Buonconvento “It was a human error”: ANSV publishes research report

“There are no technical dysfunctions, no environmental factors.” The report published by the National Flight Safety Agency (Ansv) on the August 16 crash in Buonconvento, Bibbiano, which killed Elisa Agnoletti, a 39-year-old balloon pilot, is a report that leaves little doubt. . . The woman, after dropping all the passengers who had enjoyed the flight … Read more