Is over? “Temptation Island” Ashe talks about her relationship with Hania and the final “shocking” bonfire (EXCLUSIVE)

Announcements If there’s one season 4 Temptation Island couple that’s best left uninterrupted, it’s Hania and Ashe. Yes, a couple of other relationships also have undeniable problems, but Ashe (whose pronouns are them / them) has said many times how Hania mistreats them as her partner. So are Ashe and Hania from Temptation Island still … Read more

James Franco admitted that he “deceived everyone” with whom he dated: a look at the history of their relationship

Announcements Actor James Franco’s long career in Hollywood has always kept him in the spotlight. From his time on the cult television show Freaks and Geeks to his role as Harry Osborne in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, James has been in the public eye since he was a teenager. As his career soared, more and … Read more

Vanessa Paradis’ “magnificent” relationship with Johnny Depp was the opposite of what Amber Heard claims

Johnny Depp’s defamation suit against Amber Heard brought to light allegations of abuse by both actors. Aquaman actor Heard wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post alleging abuse (though he did not say so) The Pirates of the Caribbean star by name), which contributed to Depp’s defamation. I also heard a detailed Depp abuse … Read more

Carlo Petrini: If wine leaves its presence in the territories, it loses part of its identity

“The story of the last half century is the story of the ‘Renaissance’ of Italian wine, and how an important sector of our agriculture can become autonomous and self-sufficient.even setting an example. What has been achieved in the world of wine would be a virtuous attitude that could also be extended to other sectors of … Read more

Maye Musk, Elon’s mother on the cover of Swimsuit at age 74. From Rossi to Apfel, old age is not scary

The last icon in chronological order is her, Maye Musk: platinum hair, slim body, model and canadian-south african dietitian, today she is 74 years old and has been an image woman for 50 years, She appears on the covers of magazines, including a health issue of Time magazine, Women’s Day, international editions of Vogue, and … Read more

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Workshops and theatrical performances, open to all and free, to illuminate people’s lives from the alienating mode ofon line and return to mode offline synonymous with encounter, cultural exchange, creation and exchange. Thus begins, between Ancona, Osimo and Falconara Marittima, the community theater project “PLAY ON – When the game goes offline”, included in the … Read more