“Education can save us from this darkness”

by Marianna Grazi Hidden in a residential neighborhood is one of the new ones “secret” schools in Afghanistan, a small but powerful act of defiance against the Taliban. A dozen teenage girls are doing a math class. “We know we’re taking big risks and we’re worried – says the BBC’s only professor, but adds that … Read more

Katharine Birbalsingh is wrong when girls avoid physics because of “hard math”, says Cambridge physicist

Announcements The government’s social mobility tsar was wrong when he said it was “natural” for girls to avoid grade A in physics because of “hard math,” said a Cambridge-award-winning physicist. Professor Athene Donald, a master’s degree from Churchill College and professor emeritus of experimental physics at Cambridge University, said Katharine Birbalsingh had probably not thought … Read more

Whore * and us? Just under stress, what do you think of Beijing’s winning hair

Nkita Pelizon and Helena Prestes, the Italy-Brazil couple on the Beijing Express, told Fanpage.it the background of their journey on “The Route of the Sultans”, which ended one step from the final. Bold and determined, they were the “warriors” of this edition, bringing the authentic version of themselves to the competition. Enable notifications to receive … Read more

“Prime Minister welcomes paid odalisques and sex slaves”

They were dinners, yes but with “odalisques and paid sex slaves“. The indictment comes today, after 8 years Ruby ter on the famous “elegant dinners” of Silvio Berlusconi when he was chairman of the board. The trial is against the founder of Forza Italia and 28 other defendants, including about twenty former guests of the … Read more

Anpas Marche: 147 boys and girls trained by the Universal Civil Service ⋆ Latest news March: Chronicle, Sport, Politics

Readings: 27 ANCONA – Up to 147 boys and girls aged 18 to 28 from the Region have successfully participated in the Universal Civil Service in Anpas Marche in the 40 offices of the Region, in 6 projects in the healthcare sector: Adriaticum 2021, Aesis 2021, Conero 2021, SOS Transport Sanitari 2021, A … Read more

Solidarity, creativity and nature: the new project by Delfino Odv

With the second appointment in the through the Caddeo schoolthe Delfino ODV Association continues the multi-year project entitled Like a tree – Integration for the benefit of people with disability and environmental awareness funded by the Sardinia Foundation and aimed at people with severe disabilities in San Gavino Monreale and surroundings. The project includes, on … Read more

May 21 – ‘Storie di Fili’: three artists, two performances and a book in the CSAC research project

Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 5 p.m. in the spaces of the Abbey of Valserena, headquarters of the CSAC – Center for Studies and Archives of the University of Parmaopen to the public STORIES OF EDGESthe final exhibition of a research project started in 2020, curated by Francesca Zanella I Valentina Rossiwhich saw the artists … Read more