Shikimori is not just pretty: first impressions

“Shikimori is not just kawaii“, a concept we understand from the first episode when the brave girl puts on the coat of arms of her unfortunate boyfriend. For now, the story revolves around preventing Izumi from being impaled, crushed, crushed by any object. The second episode shows us that not only is Shikimori engaged in … Read more

I feel ugly and nobody likes me

Looking at yourself in the mirror and not liking each other happens to many girls. There is always something wrong: the complexion of the skin, the swollen hair, the low ass, the big ones, the small breasts. We look ugly, inadequate, away from the perfect goddesses who look at us with contempt and pity from … Read more

April 21 events in and around Bologna: Ukrainian cinema at Lumiere, Grossman and Hamlet at the theater

MUSIC SPIRITUAL FRONTLocomotiv Club, via Sebastiano Serlio 25/2, 9.30 pm, entrance from 15 eurosThe Roman band scheduled for tonight on stage Locomotiv is characterized by its unique style, defined between the decadent Central European pop and a vintage sound / visual with continuous references to Italian auteur cinema and more. HUGO RACE FATALISTSBravo Caffè, via … Read more