Training in pastry and ice cream in Longarone grows with a new laboratory – PORDENONEOGGI.IT

LONGARONE – The new pastry and ice cream laboratory of the “D. Dolomieu ”by Longarone in the presence of numerous authorities and representatives, both school and professional. For the vice president of the province of Belluno, Lucia Da Rold “today is an important day. This Institute is a flagship for the whole province, offering important … Read more

Extraordinary competition bis, here are the planned and excluded competition classes. You need a specific year of service. PROJECT

Extraordinary competition bis: after the opinion issued by the CSPI, the Ministry will publish the Decree and the announcement in the Official Gazette, starting the presentation of the application. The one-off oral exam will be held before June 15th. Much will depend on the rates. As already mentioned, the proposal of the Ministry is to … Read more

With the new procedures, pending school competitions could be held. But what are they? Let’s take stock

While the Ministry of Education is working on the procurement reformwith the aim of the annuality of the competitions thanks to procedures that must be fast, under penalty of the impossibility of bringing to the chair the adequate number of professors in September, for calls for tenders announced but never published, the IM may now … Read more

Me, a degraded teacher: 36 hours is short compared to what I did after school. Letter

Posted by Ombretta Ratti – Dear Minister Bianchi, I am Ombretta, a teacher from a small town in the province of Como, who thanks to the insight of the various ministers, since the following are no longer valid as a necessary requirement for the education: the degree, the professionalism, the competence, the empathy, the training, … Read more

Reconnect to include a new project for Genoese schools

A new project to offer Genoese schools an innovative and inclusive model, which emphasizes the continuity between the different educational levels of the 0-13 age group, using digital technologies as an opportunity for didactic and directive renewal. The Reconnect to Include project is divided into two levels aimed at Genoese schools: Digital and Inclusive Genoa, … Read more

Ovosodo: the meaning of Paolo Virzì’s film

“What a sweet, cruel and ridiculous thing life is,” says the motto of Paolo Virzì’s masterpiece, a journey deep and sensitive to the emotions of growing up, between hope and disappointment. Ovosodo is represented in the film by Paolo Virzì (actually a downtown neighborhood) as a popular neighborhood of Livorno, one of those full of … Read more