Schools, Vian, the principal’s greeting

Dear students, parents and kind teachers,

I wanted to write you a brief greeting at the end of my stay.

What is most striking about the institute Vian it is the great push of the whole community in the definition of educational and training processes. He Vian stands out for the primacy of cultural excellence in the territory, for its vocation for innovation and diversification of the training offer.

I am happy to have accompanied and directed the school towards the important objectives achieved: robotic flexion, the next sports flexion, the consolidation of Cambridge, linguistics with the Spanish language in the Anguillara area; I also leave school with two major PON projects underway: the wiring of the headquarters building and the acquisition of smart whiteboard which, in these days, proceeds to settle in the two locations of the institute.

I am also very pleased to inform you that we have achieved, thanks to the fruitful collaboration with local authorities, new spaces in the Anguillara office, classrooms that will allow us to develop new curricular and extracurricular activities from September .

Last but not least, these days we are completing the administrative procedures for the creation of “green classrooms” for teaching and socialization in the outer rooms of the offices of Anguillara and Bracciano.

A regent principal would never have been able to do all this if there had not been a cohesive and proactive school community, supportive and aware of the value of the school in the formation of the person and in the social context.

I would therefore like to thank each and every one of you, from the staff of the presidency, coordinated by the vice-president Prof. Carosi, always attentive and sensitive to everyone’s requests, to the secretaries wisely directed by the DSGA Mrs. Vilma Piccioni; from the teachers, compass of the quality of the didactic action, to the school council, that Mrs. De Michele presides with foresighted competence.

I thank the teachers actively involved in the school’s projects and organizational processes (referents, class and department coordinators, instrumental functions, Covid referents, among others).

I thank the school staff for their patient work for the health and safety of the school.

I thank the parents, with whom I have had the opportunity to discuss calmly and constructively the definition of a democratic, inclusive, innovative school idea of ​​which we share hopes and values.

My affectionate greetings go to the girls and boys.

I have thanked you for your healthy perseverance in pushing forward the ideas you believe in and also for your constant demand for confrontation with the adult world on issues that call everyone into question for the common good, for future generations.

I hope that your ability to look at events in a critical and non-controversial way is never lacking, that you can always stay in line with the proposal and dialogue. You have shown great maturity in the most difficult years of our school, which we hope will be left behind.

The results of this commitment are not negligible given the improvement in school results we have observed and the excellent results of graduates in recent years.

I want each of you to find answers, to clarify perspectives, to understand what your place in the world will be and to have, also thanks to the school, all the tools, skills, desire and curiosity to achieve your goals.

I greet DS Lucia Lolli who is coming to give stability to the leadership Viansurely the new principal will be able to exploit the full potential of this splendid institute which I have had the honor of directing in these two intense and beautiful years.

Most always!
The director
Danilo Vicca

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