how not to lose it when the child reaches the age of majority

The new family support measure, the single and universal subsidy for dependent children, has been in force since March 2022 and is paid directly by the INPS at the request of those concerned. The measure consists of the recognition of an amount tax freedetermined based on the economic condition from family ia composition of the same. The bonus is due in equal parts to those who exercise parental responsibility, except as established, with respect to the case of sole custody, appointment of the guardian and submission of the application by the adult children.

Basic requirements

In addition to the “burden” of the children, the applicant is obliged, at the time of submitting the application and without prejudice to continuity throughout the duration of the benefit, to jointly meet the following requirements:

a. Italian citizen or citizen of a Member State of the European Union, or member of his / her family, holder of the right of residence or the right of permanent residence, or is a citizen of a State not belonging to the European Union residing in the EU permit for long-term residents or is the holder of a single work permit authorized to carry out a work activity for a period exceeding 6 months or is the holder of a residence permit for authorized research purposes to reside in Italy for a period exceeding 6 months. months;

b. subject to the payment of income tax in Italy;

c. residence and domicile in Italy;

d. reside in Italy for at least 2 years, even if it is not continuous, or have an indefinite or fixed-term employment contract with a minimum duration of 6 months.

I. presence of at least one dependent child.

Limits of child registration

The monthly amount, which ranges from a minimum of 50 euros up to a maximum of 175 eurostaking into account only the basic amount, you will receive during the three years following the age of majority only in the presence of one of the following requirements:

– attendance at a school or vocational training course, or a degree course;

– carrying out an internship or job with a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;

– discharge as unemployed and job search in public employment services;

– the performance of the universal civil service.

When this happens, it can happen that:

– boys and girls submit a new autonomous application that invalidates the one previously submitted by the parents: in this case the payments are made directly for the benefit of the young people concerned;

– the children do not proceed autonomously, and the application sent to the INPS is in principle in a state of “Evidence”: to continue collecting the amounts provided, integration is necessary to declare that they meet the new requirements.


For each adult child, up to 21 yearsthe amount of the single check provided is equal to:

85 euros monthly in case of I SEE equal to or less than 15,000 euros;

– gradually decreases as the ISEE value increases;

25 euros a la a ISEE equivalent to 40,000 euros or when no ISEE is filed.

In case of son in conditions of disabilitythere are no age limits and there is one to increase up to 21 years equal to 80 euros monthly on the recognized check.

Notice of change

In the event that it is necessary to modify the data declared for the receipt of the check, within the application already submitted, using the key “Edit” can vary the following fields on the secondary tabs:

– variation or inclusion of the child’s condition of disability;

– changes in the declaration of attendance at school / training course for the child who has reached the age of majority (18-21 years);

– Changes related to any separation or marriage of the parents;

– criterion for the distribution of the benefit between the two parents on the basis of a specific provision of the judge or of the agreement between the parents;

– due to the planned increases;

– Changes related to the forms of payment chosen by the applicant and any other parent.

NB: The request for variation must be submitted on time, as the modifications take effect from the moment they are inserted in the procedure and, therefore, do not generate the right to the settlement of the arrears. The only exception to this rule is the declaration relating to the minor’s condition of disability when the modification in the application that has retroactive effects from the effective date of the disability exists.

Evidence of positions with anomalies or incompleteness

Within the section “Consult and manage the questions you have sent”, in the summary view there is a field called “Evidenze”, which shows the critical issues that arose during the previous phase and that prevent them from being completed. If there is more than two pieces of evidence, the list can be consulted by accessing the detail of the question and selecting the “Evidence” tab.

Practical example

Application submitted in March 2022 for two children, one of whom is 15 years old and the other 17. In June 2022, the eldest turns 18 years old.

If the child submits an autonomous application, this fact automatically generates the loss of the relative “card” present in the parent’s application and the benefit will continue directly to the adult child, limited to the subsidy that corresponds to him.

Otherwise, the application submitted by the parent will be placed in the “Test” status to allow the integration of the statements relating to the adult child based on the additional conditions provided.

Therefore, the requesting parent must:

– access the application on linein the section “View and manage the questions you have submitted“;

– select “form“Related to the new adult child;

– select the presence of one of the conditions that legitimize the continuation of the receipt of the single check.

After saving the entered data, the integrated application is put back “In Research“For timely checks. In case of a positive result, the amounts pending payment are also recognized to the parent (ie from the month following that of the age of majority).

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