what to indicate in the application form

To participate in the extraordinary recruitment procedure from the first stage of GPS support, those interested must submit a specific request: how, when and what to declare. Assignment of tasks.

Extraordinary procedure

In accordance with article 5-ter of Legislative Decree no. 228/2021, converted into Law no. 15/2022, the ordinary entries to the function (infantile, primary and secondary) as the 2022/23 academic year are followed by an extraordinary recruitment phase for the rest of the support positions (ordinary entries), which will be allocated first to the applicants included in the GPS support. band

The aforementioned provision, let’s remember, has been extended for the academic year 2022/23 the procedure provided for by article 59/4 of Legislative Decree no. 73/2021 (turned into Law No. 106/2021) for the academic year 2021/22, limiting it to supporting publications only.

The MI has already drawn up the decree that will govern the entire procedure and for the publication of which it is expected to be sent to the CSPI and the relative opinion.

The procedure, which begins with the allocation of the fixed-term destination, aims at admission to the function, after passing the annual training course and test (which will take place in the 2022/23 school year ) and the disciplinary test.

We have described the entire procedure in “Extraordinary recruitment 2022/23, from GPS support: application, assignment, trial year, interview and entry into office. All information”

How to participate in the procedure

To participate in the procedure, it is necessary to submit a request electronically, through Online Instances, to access it with the SPID credentials or with those of the electronic DNI (CIE) or, alternatively, with a user.
valid for access to the services of the Ministry’s reserved area with specific authorization for the “Online Instances (POLIS)” service.

The request is submitted exclusively for the province of inclusion in the first support band in GPS and is the same as for the allocation of replacement places on 06/30 and 08/31: the system will allocate first the tasks intended for the function and then substitutes.

When the question arises

The MI will communicate, with a specific notice published on its website, the deadline for submitting applications.

What to indicate in the application

In the application, applicants declare:

  • be registered in the first band of the provincial rankings of substitutes for support positions;
  • the types of positions for which, having the right, they intend to participate in the procedure;
  • the order of preference of educational institutions divided by type of place; it is possible to express location preferences also through a concise indication of municipalities and districts (the non-indication of some locations is equivalent to the waiver for the same unexpressed locations);
  • consent for the processing of personal data.

We point out that the statements issued in the application are made in accordance with articles 46 and 47 of Presidential Decree 445/2000, with the consequent criminal liability in case of false statements.

Exclusions and non-evaluation of the application

The following questions are not taken into account and are not evaluated:

  • that do not present the previous declarations;
  • submitted in a different way to telematics and/or out of time;
  • applicants who do not meet the admission requirements.

Finally, applicants whose application has been found to be false are excluded from the procedure.

Assignment of tasks

Once the applications have been submitted, the tasks assigned to the function are assigned within the framework of the computerized procedure for assigning substitutes (on 30/06 and 31/08), in accordance with the following phases and criteria:

  • The USRs publish the available places;
  • the USR assigns the candidates to individual centers through an automated procedure, depending on the position in the ranking and by the order of the types of places indicated and the preferences expressed;
  • in case of indication of synthetic preferences (municipalities and districts), the order of preference of the educational centers of the municipality and/or district is based on the ascending alphanumeric order of the typing code.

As mentioned above, the system first processes requests for the assignment of support tasks intended for access to the role and then those for the assignment of substitutes.

We specify that:

  • the assignment of one of the locations (schools) indicated in the application implies acceptance of the same;
  • whoever obtains the allocation for the function cannot participate in the allocation of substitutes for any type of competition or type of position;
  • the non-submission of the application entails the waiver of participation in the procedure;
  • the failure to indicate certain locations is intended as an exemption for unexpressed locations;
  • the failure to allocate the allocation of the types of posts and locations requested allows participation in the subsequent procedures for the allocation of substitutes.

Note: what is written is based on the draft of the DM, which will govern the procedure, so it may be subject to modifications, of which we will inform in a timely manner.

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