Two million euros in scholarships

The entrance to the Catholic University of Milan – Archive

An extraordinary intervention of approx two million euros in total will allow about 700 Catholic University students to obtain a cash scholarship in addition to the exemption from university fees. Thus, the University remains faithful to its policy, launched in 2012 (it was then the first non-state university to take this initiative), to guarantee the right to study with its own resources even to those students who, despite being eligible, for scholarships, it was not possible to benefit from the inadequacy of public funding. So far, Cattolica has invested more than 15 million own economic and financial resources facilitate students who would not have been able to access funds for the right to education. For the current year, public funds earmarked for eligible students in the scholarship of the Catholic University are equal only to nine million euros compared to the approximately 11 million neededI cover the need for only about 2,500 of the 3,164 eligible students. Hence the provision that, through the extraordinary assignment, guarantees, at the expense of the University, a fundamental right. “Our educational community,” explains the rector Franco Anelli – is based on the values ​​of the centrality of the person: we do not want to give up having with us all the students who wish to be part of it and we can not allow the insufficiency of public funds to limit deserving young people. in the choice of the university course ». The extraordinary maneuver in favor of the not eligible beneficiaries is added to a wider range of financial support actions developed by the University, in a coordinated effort with the Toniolo Institute and the EDUCatt Foundation. Among them, for example, the initiative of the Toniolo Institute 100 scholarships + 100 study awards intended for all deserving students of the Catholic University and future first – year students and the Salvastudi Fund Agostino Gemelli, aimed at students who are in difficult situations, even as a result of the pandemic. These measures of the Catholic University are in addition to tools that EDUCatt has traditionally made available to students who need the University. Among these the Extraordinary Grants Fund which offers tools and services for the achievement of educational success to students living in situations of economic fragility, the Formula student worka real fixed-term employment contract, designed to cost-effectively reconcile study and work experience within the University itself and involving about 50 students a year, and the Project Weather in Casa Foglianiwhich reinvests the margins generated by the distribution of products and services of the same name in financial aid to students with extreme difficulties: these are opportunities to explore new sources of student support and try to chart a new sustainable scenario for the right to education .

Region of Sardinia, funds for the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari and health specialization

The Regional Council of Sardinia has allocated 13 million and 650 thousand euros of resources regional and national for the calls that will publish the Ersu of Cagliari and Sassari for the course 2022-2023, in addition to other sources of financing of the scholarships. The appointment of ERSU officials allows for full operation, stresses the Region and the announcements will be published shortly. “Also this year we ensure the support of capable and deserving students, even if they do not have the means, who have the right requirements, enrolled in universities, institutions of higher artistic and musical education, the papal theological faculty, higher institutes of religious sciences and other bodies authorized to issue university degrees, with registered office in the region of Sardinia – underlines the regional minister of public education. Andrea Biancareddu -. Taking into account the annual variation of the general index of consumer prices for the families of workers and white-collar workers, officially detected by the State in October 2021, equal to + 3%, the Ministry of Universitat i Recerca, with a circular dated 11 May, updated the maximum limits of the ISEE indicators for the 2022-2023 academic year (24,335 euros). The amounts of the scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year, according to the type of students, are defined as follows: 6,157 euros for the out-of-school student, 3,598 euros for the suburban student, 2,481 for the face-to-face student. “The scholarship due, net of reductions in the catering and accommodation service, is paid in two installments. The first, equal to 50% of the total, is paid within 60 days of publication of the final classifications and, in any case, at most. December 31st. The second installment, equal to the remaining 50% of the total, is paid for June 30 for students enrolled in courses subsequent to the first and when they reach the minimum levels of merit provided, provided that they are achieved, and for August 10th for students enrolled in the first year of a first degree course or diploma, a single cycle master’s degree, a master’s degree or a second degree diploma. And always in Sardinia, health specialization scholarships they will be financed by the Region with more than 74 million euros in the triennium. Until 2024, in addition to covering those already active, the allocated resources will cover the costs of 224 new training contracts for students enrolled in the first year of specialization schools in the medical area and 79 scholarships for postgraduate degrees in the non-medical healthcare field. that is, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, physicists, psychologists, and veterinarians.

More than 400 scholarships for INPS university colleges

It is open and expired August 16, 2022, the call of the INPS that makes available to the children of public employees and pensioners 477 scholarships for the partial or total coverage of the contributions of the 53 University Colleges of Merit recognized by the Ministry of University and Research and represented by the Conference of Merit University Colleges (CCUM). The call provides, depending on the income of the Isee, contributions up to a maximum of 12,500 euros for the next academic year. These bags
of studies will be offered to the beneficiary students also in later courses during all the duration of the academic career, subject to the maintenance of the requirements of merits that establishes the announcement. Achieving the scholarship is subject to passing the entrance exams to the Colleges that assess the academic merits and motivations of the students, regardless of income. The calls for admission to the 53 Colleges of Merit Universities are already open and for the 2022-23 academic year they offer more than 1,000 places. To apply, students must not be more than two years behind in their school career; they must be unemployed or unemployed on the date of submission of the application; they must not be more than 26 years old on the expiry date of the call; not having been removed from a collegiate structure for disciplinary reasons; they must not have received criminal convictions or they must not have an ongoing criminal trial; they must not benefit from any school benefit, in cash or in services, with a total value of more than 6 thousand euros, provided by the State or by other public or private bodies and institutions for the 2022/2023 academic year. and they must not be assignees of a place in the College in the structures owned by the INPS.

PhD in Polimi, questions are underway

There is time until August 5 at 3 p.m. to submit your application for a scholarship within the national research doctorate Sustainable development and climate change. The three-year training course aims to prepare future generations to redesign a society capable of tackling and managing the problem of climate change in the best possible way, and to rethink sustainable development processes. In addition to the Politecnico di Milano, there are 50 universities involved in the training and research program throughout the country coordinated by Iuss Pavia. The aim of the doctorate is to offer students a high level of training, achieved by coordinating and integrating skills and excellence from the different disciplinary areas of the universities involved. These areas range from ecology to technology, from economics to engineering, from math to philosophy, from medicine to agriculture. PhD students will have the opportunity to address issues related to the achievement and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. The City of Milan, thanks to the Department of Environment and Green, will allow the doctoral student who chooses to pursue his doctoral course in the Department of Energy of the Politecnico di Milano to interact with his own offices and those of Amat (Mobility Agency).
Ambiente Territorio) for the research / application part of the course of study. In general, the scholarships offered by the national program are 134.

In Palermo 55 scholarships for the unemployed

In Italy the profession of developer is the second most sought after and among the highest paid, however only 31.7% of women work in the ICT sector. There are 49,000 vacancies reserved for developers. With the aim of closing the technology-related gender gap and combating female unemployment (49.8% in Italy and 70.7% in Sicily), the most important technology companies – including Bending Spoons, Musement, Translated, Docebo- contributed to the funding of 55 scholarships for train programmers with Codification Women Sicilythe female face of the Bootcamp coding by Edgemony, which allowed 85% of students find work since then 2021 to date. For more information:

Ipe Business School between scholarships and job placement

Attending a master’s degree with Ipe Business School guarantees 100% insertion -for many years- and now also in shorter times: in fact, in four months, all graduates who have completed the course of the Business School, founded in Naples in 2002, enter the world of work. 30% of students are selected and chosen for a job opportunity even before finishing their studies. Every year 150 students are trained, for a total of 1,800 people, who have finished their studies nethe
Ipe Business School master’s degree and these are the ones they are in Finance and risk (on advanced financial risk, fintech and big data), Aaudit and control (on financial statements, audit, control and consulting) e Marketing + (on marketing, digital and communication) that are added to the master in H.Human resources 4.0 (on human resources and social recruitment, talent development and management) whose new edition began last June and will end next December. The “Ipe method” is very committed to guidance, so that each student can discover in time their vocation, in transversal skills useful for any activity, in a way that includes at least five job interviews and also includes international experiences. The Ipe Business School can count on a network of more than 350 Italian and foreign companies, 160 academics and business managers, 15 universities, 50 partners who have provided scholarships and other concessions for enrollment.

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