Savings on purchases, electricity and gas up to 500 euros per month: but How?

In times of crisis and uncertainty, it is better to be more cautious and learn with simple rules to spend less and also to be more sustainable. Yes, because often the economic savings it also derives from a lifestyle that rewards the zero km product, a healthier and more balanced life and respect for others and the environment.

We give you gods simple advices to be adopted in everyday life, without any waiver, but which will entail a savings of between 200 and 500 euros per monthto spend for yourself, for free time, for school training, for travel!

Here is the list of savings:

  • Save on spending
  • About electricity and gas consumption
  • Reduce your water consumption
  • Save on gas

Save on purchases: the rules

Spend less at the supermarket… It seems impossible in such a difficult period for the world economy. But instead, it is doable and will not only be good for your wallet, but also for your health.

Because to save on purchases, you actually have to go back in time and return to the old habits of our grandmothers:

  • Shopping every day, fresh and seasonal products. Fresh produce costs less than packaged produce, is tastier and healthier.
  • He prefers local products, maybe at zero km. They will be better and the price will be lower, since they do not have the additional costs of transportation.
  • If possible, use solidarity buying groups – Gas, groups of people who organize themselves to buy fruit, vegetables and meat directly from local producers at kilometer zero. These groups buy in large quantities and the price is moderate.

If you don’t have time to go to small fruit and vegetable shops, but go to the supermarket, here are some useful tips:

  • Always go to the supermarket with a list of things to buy.
  • Don’t go on an empty stomach, hunger is a bad counselor.
  • Try to go to the supermarket on weekdays: shopping centers run promotions on weekdays, not on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Always use the loyalty card, it allows you to acquire discounts and collect shopping vouchers.
  • Take advantage of the products on sale, whether they are for long life or for daily use. There are applications dedicated to comparing promotions in supermarkets. They are simple to use and highlight all the current offers.

How to save on household services

A second way to save each month is choose the appropriate rate for the different household utilities: electricity, gas, internet and telephone.

In this way, we arrive at save up to 100 euros per month.

How to save on electricity

To save electricity consumption and then download your invoices, here are some helpful tips:

  • Choose the most convenient rate from one-hour, two-hour and three-hour rates, depending on your family’s needs. Light, in fact, has a different price depending on the time and day it is used. It costs more during the day and at the weekend. The monorária is indicated if it is consumed mainly during the day, every fortnight if it is used mainly in the evening, every three hours if it is used especially at the weekend.
  • Use low-consumption appliances, from Energy Class A to A++. The initial outlay may be a bit higher, but the outlay will surely save you in the long run.
  • Pay attention to the lights that are on, the different appliances that remain plugged in, always close the refrigerator, use the air conditioners with common sense.

Save on gas

To save gas the only way is optimize the heating during the winter months. In fact, the main gas consumption occurs in domestic heating systems.

Don’t forget to:

  • Never exceed the average temperature of 20 degrees in the house. A useful suggestion is to reduce the temperature to 18 ° degrees in the rooms, increase it to 22 degrees inside the bathroom, reduce the temperature to 18 ° in the kitchen where the oven and gas are already sources of heat.
  • Use the thermostat to regulate the temperature, keep it constant and manage it even when you are not at home.
  • If possible, replace fittings to increase thermal insulation and reduce heat loss.

Save on water

Water also has a cost and affects the household economy. But in addition to that, today more than ever water also has a great value and needs to be protected. Here’s how it saves water:

  • Use only state-of-the-art appliances that use up to 30% less water in the rinsing phases.
  • Use water in the bathroom sparingly, both for personal hygiene and for flushing the toilet.
  • If you are renovating your bathroom, choose sanitary ware with reduced water consumption.


Save on other utilities: internet and telephony

To save on this bill just keep up and change rates when the price is too high.

Save your bank account fees

Even the cost of your checking account affects the family’s annual economy. We suggest you take a look at the many checking accounts also available online, which offer zero annual fees, free ATMs, the ability to make free transfers and zero-cost withdrawals. More and more banks are offering credit cards with a free fee when you open an account.

Today’s banking industry is also very competitive, so as a customer, you can afford to apply for an account that suits your needs but at no cost.

How to save on gas and the car

He the price of gas is so high which unfortunately greatly affects the annual expenditure of a worker who has to travel by car.

  • In the case of travelers who cannot give up the use of the car, the advice is to reduce the car insurance as much as possible, choosing an online rate.
  • For all those who work close to home or can dispense with the use of the car, the advice is to use more sustainable mobility, go on foot, traditional or electric bicycle, scooter, public transport: the limited use of the car will be good for your wallet, the environment and even your health.

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