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TURIN (ITALPRESS) – “The real estate investor is a profession that requires great multidisciplinary competence but, in Italy, there is a lack of basic financial education, starting from the world of training that is outdated with respect to the times. The world is moving faster and faster, while education has been stagnant for decades, especially in the economic and financial spheres. It is a strategic issue for the development of the country”. This was stated in a note by Andrea Vendola, founder of AV Group.

The extent to which the demand for training is predominant among young people is also shown by the success of the recent event “Property Investor in Phase”, organized by AV Group in the capital city of Turin. The day aimed to break with traditional training standards to bring aspiring real estate entrepreneurs directly to the “field”, but it was also an opportunity to highlight a topic very dear to Andrea Vendola: the lack of real training in the financial field. that affects his entire generation. In fact, those who decide to invest in the purchase of a property usually do so to live there and do not think of obtaining an income from this purchase in order to have a positive cash flow to reinvest. According to the latest data from Eurostat, 72.4% of the Italian population lives in their own house, compared to 27.6% who live in rent; are much higher percentages than those in other large European countries such as Germany (50.5%) and France (64%) – data source: Eurostat 2021. The reason for these data lies in the fact that Italians traditionally consider the home as a safe haven. But to understand if buying a house to live in is the best option, we have to take into account three elements: duration of the loan – on average 20/30 years, period of time in which the property remains the property of the bank; devaluation: over time, the house becomes obsolete, decreasing its economic value; liquidity block – by immobilizing one’s savings in a single asset, the possibility of using one’s money in other investments is reduced or eliminated, a choice therefore often dictated by cultural heritage and the lack of real training in the financial field. Andrea Vendola’s project fits into this context: his entrepreneurial experience begins during his university studies at the Politecnico di Torino, when he knows the difficulties faced by his colleagues outside the site to find a comfortable room and possibly close to the University. . By witnessing their stories, you begin to identify a niche market whose processes need to be actively rethought. Thus, combining this data with his passion for the real estate sector, Vendola takes advantage of an opportunity with great potential: investing in real estate and making it available to students. In 2013, he bought his first apartment to rent out to some university friends and immediately started offering an all-inclusive service. Three years of marketing followed, which gave him the opportunity to learn about the business world and, in addition, to look towards another environment that has been fundamental to his career: that of training.

In 2018 he considered the time right and founded in Turin AV Group, the company that deals with real estate investments aimed at the repositioning and redevelopment of local assets, following a consolidated process: the purchase of abandoned apartments or not sold, not subject to real estate auctions; the restructuring and subsequent replacement on the market under a renewed guise. Next to him is the revenue company that is developing an expansion project in the national territory with the “Students’ Home” brand. To date, AV Group manages more than 80 student rental rooms in the city of Turin alone and more than 50 commercial operations every year. Finally, the company has collaborated in other cities, such as Genoa, Bari and Livorno, and aims to expand throughout Italy with a real estate project that will involve many young real estate investors.
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