Naples, students and teachers for Mia Filippone: the memory of San Giovanni a Teduccio

Students and teachers of Sant Joan a Teduccioin the eastern part of Naples, remember My Filipino, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Education of the municipality of Naples who died last Saturday. The sincere and emotional greeting comes from the school community of the 46 Scialoja Cortese Integral School in East Naples in a day dedicated to the legality and memory of Judges Falcone and Borsellino murdered by the mafia.

The day, held in the courtyard of the plexus of the Via Comunale Ottaviano, comes to the conclusion of the summer activities that have involved students, teachers and associations in the east in the framework of different projects. Specifically, the Summer House brought together more than one hundred and forty students between the ages of five and thirteen dedicated for several weeks to physical, musical, graphic-pictorial and theatrical activities. Young people were also the protagonists of educational outings and other events through which the values ​​of legality and respect for the rules were expressed. About thirty parents were also involved in a computer room. The different projects were funded by Scuola Viva, Scuola Viva al barri, Pon, Fse, Mof.

“The summer house had legality as an integrative background and the latter is also nourished by the memory of beautiful and special people who in life have witnessed specifically a passionate civic commitment: Mia was a shining example in this regard “, explains Rosa Stornaiuolo, responsible. professor at the 46 Scialoja Cortese Institute in East Naples, recounting the event in which they participated Sandro Fucito, president of the VI Municipality of the Municipality of Naples (Barra, Ponticelli, San Giovanni a Teduccio), as well as the very young and parents of the neighborhood, teachers and school staff.

Filippone visited the San Giovanni Comprehensive School during the Christmas holidays as a councilor with delegation to the school, appreciating the work done by the entire San Giovanni school audience in Teduccio. “A strong, competent, passionate and generous woman, she has always been close to all citizens and, in particular, to the weakest. He was constantly by the side of the students on all occasions, supporting them and encouraging them to do better, so as never to be satisfied with the results achieved. I remember her visits to the workshops activated during the suspension of activities for the Christmas holidays and her joy at seeing an always open school that offered young people a varied basket of learning and socialization opportunities, “says director Stornaiuolo who he adds: “I remember being by my side in the struggles to get the elevators up and running in order to make the school accessible to everyone despite the motor difficulties; I remember his punctual intervention at 6.30 am on February 1 to make sure that a special team from Asia removed, inside the courtyard of the Scialoja plexus, piles of organic materials derived from previous pruning operations for parents and students. they could easily access the vaccination center “.,

A constant and affectionate presence: “How to erase the image of his eyes proud but moved to hear the heart of our school on the occasion of the act” Musical Wave “and every time he sang his anthem” A better future “? director of the East Naples Institute, who adds: “In that better future, especially for the most vulnerable, Mia really believed in it and committed herself every day to making it a reality: those of us who stayed here, dismayed and orphans, we have a duty to safeguard and nurture this passionate commitment, ”concludes Stornaiuolo.

Mia Filippone has been teaching Latin and Greek in various schools for many years. Winner of the competition for school principals, since 2007 she has been dean of the “Marie Curie” institute in via Argine in Ponticelli, later of the “Antonio Genovesi” humanities center and of the “Jacopo Sannazaro” classical institute in Naples. Over the years of his experience as a school principal he has promoted and supported numerous projects aimed at enriching the educational offer of the centers he directs, he has established networks of collaboration with public institutions and with the reality of the sector. private productive and private social. , has coordinated the network of schools in school areas 12 and 14 of the metropolitan city, has supervised the training of teachers and managers, has carried out tasks on behalf of the regional school office of Campania.

A person appreciated for his commitment as a teacher, director and local administrator of the Palazzo San Giacomo to whom a minute of silence was dedicated, a performance of the youngest and the words of manager Stornaiuolo and President Fucito in a very symbolic day like the the one on July 19 dedicated to memory.

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