Unique INPS check, the reported bug that blocks everything: how to fix it

From 1 January 2022 it can be submitted application for the single and universal subsidy paid by the INPS. The application, which must be sent electronically through the Institute, will obviously precede the phase of checking and paying the amounts. Thus, the service will be paid from March 2022 but, in some cases, The INPS will not be able to credit the check to the current account.

Let’s see why.

Unique universal check: to whom it is entitled

The single and universal allowance is a financial support to families that is granted for each dependent child and up to the age of majority and, under certain conditions, up to turning 21 years old. It is also recognized for all dependent children with disabilities without age limit: it is “unique” because it aims to simplify and enhance interventions in favor of parenting and birth, it is “universal” because it is guaranteed to all families with children in resident charge. and domiciled in Italy.

The application may be submitted by the subjects in possession of the requirements of citizenship, residence and stay referred to in article 3 of Legislative Decree no. 230/2021, regardless of whether the subject belongs to a specific job category.

The benefit is for each dependent dependent child and for each dependent dependent child up to the age of 21. Please note that dependent children are those who belong to the family unit indicated for the purposes of the ISEE (here we explain how to apply without).

EL adult childrenin particular, in order to be eligible for the grant, they must be in possession of one of the following at the time of application. requirements:

  • attendance at a school or vocational training course or undergraduate course;
  • do an internship or job and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;
  • discharge as unemployed and job seeker in public employment services;
  • the performance of the universal public function.

In case of disability of the dependent child there are no age limits and the measure is granted independently.

Unique universal check: the error reported by the INPS blocking the payment

It is clear that, as with many other bonuses (here those approved by the 2022 Budget Act), payment of the INPS single check is subject to possession of the required requirements. Therefore, those who do not comply with the above conditions will be denied the benefit. To these causes of exclusion so to speak “formal,” but now another of a practical kind is added, reported in recent days by the Institute itself.

There request for the sole allowance, it must be remembered that it can be presented by one of the parents or by the person exercising parental responsibility, regardless of the cohabitation with the child, by the adult child by himself, by a guardian or by a guardian exclusively. interest of the child entrusted or protected. To receive the INPS amounts, however, it is necessary that the current account holder identified by the IBAN code specified in the application is the beneficiary of the single grant. Those who have made this mistake when filling out the application will therefore not receive the credit, as the INPS will not be able to deliver the check to the current account of a person other than the person submitting the application.

Single INPS verification request: In case of submitting an application with errors, can it be canceled or modified?

As specified by the INPS, if you realize you were wrong when completing the application (here the instructions for use so as not to make a mistake), you can click on “Disclaimer”, being careful to choose as a reason “compilation error” and not “execution execution” . This way, you can enter a new correct question.

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