Single check 2022: step-by-step instructions for the application

Questions to order the new one 2022 universal single check for families from where they are open January 1. The new year opens, therefore, with the new subsidy from the INPS to families with children, replacing the old bonuses for the family unit, which have definitely gone to the attic.

Now everything is concrete, because the INPS has released the Computer procedure for the submission of applications, as well as an online simulator to check the amount to be paid based on the conditions of your family.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of who is eligible for the 2022 Single Child Pass and how to apply online.

Who is entitled to the single check 2022

The requirements were set in black and white by the 2022 subsidy decree for families with children, and reaffirmed by the INPS with the last message of 31 December.

The application for a single and universal grant can be submitted by those who have:

  • citizenship, residence and residency requirements,
  • for each dependent child and for each dependent dependent child up to the age of 21.

In order to benefit from the aid, older children, in particular, must be in possession of one of the following requirements at the time of submitting the application:

  • attendance at a school or vocational training course or undergraduate course;
  • do an internship or job and have a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year;
  • discharge as unemployed and job seeker in public employment services;
  • the performance of the universal public function.

In case of disability of the dependent child there are no age limits and the measure is granted independently.

Who can apply for the single check

The universal grant application can be submitted:

  • of one of the parents or by who exercises the parental responsibilityregardless of living with the child, the adult child for himself,
  • of a custodians,
  • of a legal guardian in the exclusive interest of the entrusted or protected child.

How to apply for the 2022 single universal subsidy

The application for recognition of the grant must be submitted to the INPS each year: from 1 January of each year and refers to the period between March of the year of submission of the application. legality and February next year.

For example: The application submitted on January 10, 2022, includes the disbursement period from March 2022 to February 2023. After that, a new application must be resubmitted.

You can use these methods to submit an instance:

  • online application on the INPS website (procedure explained below in this article).
  • Contact centerby contacting the toll-free number 803.164 (free from landlines) or 06 164.164 (from a mobile payment network, depending on the rate applied by the different operators);
  • Institutes of Patronageusing the services offered free of charge.

2022 single check: as it is paid

As explained in the INPS message n ° 4748 of 31-12-2021, The amount of the single and universal aid is determined according to the ISEE of the family unit of the beneficiary of the service, with the following effective date of the measure:

  • for submitted applications from January 1 to June 30the check is executed from the month of March;
  • for submitted applications from 1 Julythe service starts from the month following the month of presentation.

>> Single Universal Check 2022: All amounts paid by ISEE ranges <

In case of absence of the ISEE or of delay in the presentation this happens:

  • ISEE submitted before June 30: the benefit will be equated and all arrears will be sold from the month of March;
  • ISEE filed from July 1st: the service is calculated from the value of the indicator at the time of the presentation of the ISEE;
  • absence of ISEE or ISEE equal to or greater than 40,000 euros: the benefit due is calculated with the minimum amount provided for in article 4 of Legislative Decree no. 230/2021 (50 euros for minors and 25 euros for adults).

Single check 2022: online application instructions

Below is how to apply online, according to the web procedure issued by the INPS, to obtain the subsidy for households with children.


  • The first step is to go to the Inps website
  • type in search bar “Unique and universal verification”And click to access the service

universal single check

  • you must now log in with yours SPID credentials or an electronic ID card 3.0 THERE IS or a national service card SNC

single check 2022

Well, you’ve already entered the Unique and Universal Verification application service screen, which lets you submit:

  • a new question
  • new question as a parent guardian
  • new question as an adult child

single check application 2022


From now on the platform will give you the ability to fill in and enter your data on a series of cards, from Sheet 1: I submit the application as

single check application 2022

Once you have chosen the correct option (parents, parents, parents, guardians of the child) you must:

  • enters the tax code of the son / daughter,
  • click one of the following options: leave unsaved, save in draft, forward.

From now on, you will continue with the compilation procedure by entering:

  • information about children,
  • data for the payment of the check,
  • statements of responsibility,
  • a summary of all data entered,
  • the button for the final submission of the application.

At this time the application sent will be accepted by the INPS.

The payment of the single and universal check

The payment is paid by the INPS and is paid to the applicant or, if he requests it, even later, to the same extent among those who exercise parental responsibility.

Upon completion of the application, the requesting parent may indicate this the chosen forms of payment also with reference to the other parent (e.g. IBAN of the other parent).

Therefore, the payment is made in full to the requesting parent with the possibility of providing in the application form, in addition to their payment details, also those of the other parent, in order to pay the subsidy in installments.

The payment details of the second parent may also be provided at a later time and, in this case, the payment of 50% to the second parent takes effect from the month following that in which the election was communicated to the INPS. The modification of the distribution must be done by accessing the application already submitted.

For the purposes of “full” or “installment” payment, the applicant has the option of choosing one of three different options, as specified below, for the allocation of the payment provided for in the application. .

For example, in the case of married parents, you can only opt for a 100% payment to one of them.

>> Download here the Decree of the unique and universal subsidy 2022


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