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BARI (ITALPRESS) – “This is, in fact, an extraordinary strategic plan to support schools, vocational training and active employment policies. A complete program full of measures, with diversified beneficiaries such as accredited training entities, employment agencies, local entities, companies, schools and families and with final recipients people in conditions of job fragility, women, young people, the unemployed and students. These are total interventions of 83 million euros to support vocational education and training, guide and promote employment: with the aforementioned measures of the Work Agenda, together with the new Youth Guarantee and the GOL program, the Region of Puglia is ready to face the labor and labor insertion. social challenges of the near future ”, affirms the councilor of education, training and work of the region of Puglia, Sebastiano Leo.
“Over the last few months,” explains Leo, “we have literally toured the entire region and each province, even several times, launching the largest listening and sharing campaign ever made in the field of training and work. Thanks to the participatory tour of Agenda per il Lavoro, we met young people, companies, informal groups and actors from different territories. Later, at a more formal level, we met with trade unions and trade associations, including all economic and social collaboration. And here, today, the third phase of the Work Agenda: 7 new interventions for a total of 83 million euros, a direct result of this path, in addition to the imminent departure of the GOL and the new Youth Guarantee.
“Among the most innovative measures – says the commissioner – is undoubtedly the Notice” Cardinal Points – actions of the Orientation system “. The tender, with an economic endowment of 3 million euros, is addressed to the entities and in particular to the City Councils, with the aim of strengthening the guidance service at the local level through the creation of networks that strengthen employment services, increasing the capacity to intercept the needs of the territory. creation of an “educational guidance community”, characterized by a strong social responsibility of all the actors involved in the social, cultural and economic development of the territory, starting with the institutional matters gathered in an associated way ”.
The Region of Puglia responds to the complex problem of the mismatch between the supply and demand of work, especially linked to the fast demand of professional needs and the new competitions expressed by the productive system, with the announcement of “Work in Puglia – courses of brief training ”. With a commitment of resources of 10 million euros -explains Leo- we will finance short-term training courses (maximum 200 hours) for the training of experimental workers in strategic sectors such as Textiles, Clothing, Footwear and Fashion System, Digital Services , Mechanics. , Production and Maintenance of Machines, Automotive, Logistics and Transport, Plant Engineering, Agriculture and Green Maintenance, Construction, Health and Welfare, Marine Economy, Tourism, Culture and Typography. The beneficiaries of the call will be accredited training institutions in collaboration with companies and the recipients will be unemployed or unemployed people ”.
“Among the measures that are characterized by the greatest economic impact, around 25 million euros, which mean the absolute priority that schools have in regional policies, we are promoting the Notice” Puglia Scuola + “. Heir to everything in school and rights to school, award-winning regional calls to combat early school leaving and to support the strengthening of skills, with Puglia Scuola + we intervene on the dropout rate and on the difficulties that have resulted in our schools. of the epidemiological crisis, focusing on inclusion, guidance and new competencies. The beneficiaries of the measure are state and equality educational institutions at all levels in the Puglia region and its students, ”says Leo.
“In line with the vision of the Gender Agenda – the curator continues – we have thought of a measure aimed exclusively at women who have been unemployed for more than six months. With the Notice “Future Woman”, financed with 8 million euros, it is intended to finance the provision of vouchers for individual services for work support and specialized guidance, up to the intersection between supply and demand “.
“Finally, in the implementation of the integrated education and training system for girls and boys from birth to six years, we will finance the Bonds for educational services from 0 to 3 years with a commitment of resources equivalent to 26 million Thanks to the vouchers, our children will be able to develop the potential for relationships, autonomy, creativity, learning, in an appropriate emotional, playful and cognitive context, guaranteeing equal opportunities in education and instruction. , care, relationships and play, overcoming inequalities and play: territorial, economic, ethnic and cultural barriers ”.
“The last warning – says Leo – is a specific commitment that I have made especially with the unions and workers of the former ILVA of Taranto, today in zero-hour dismissal. With the new proposal of the Notice “Training to support workers in a situation of extraordinary dismissal involved in crisis situations” and the relative financial commitment of 10 million euros, training courses aimed at qualification and retraining are activated professional of these people “.
“The strategy of Agenda per il Lavoro and its path, however, are not limited to these measures. Our intention – Leo explains – is to structure the Work Agenda transforming it into a method of constant detection of territorial needs through the process of listening and interaction with groups of actors involved in active labor policies, social innovation and economics, training and innovation. non-formal education, in action in the field of inclusion and gender equality, as well as with a wider audience of partners and labor and civil society organizations, and at the same time defining a program of activities and initiatives also of an experimental nature . For this reason, also thanks to the collaboration with the Regional Agency of Technology and Innovation (ARTI) of the Puglia Region and with a commitment of resources equal to 1 million euros, we design “Participatory Networks”, which aims continue the participatory path of construction of the Work Agenda 2021-2027 ″.
An important piece of news also concerns the GOL (Guarantee of Employability of Workers) Program, which represents the pivot of action within the PNNR’s employment policies. From July 15, 2022, our employment centers began to take over the beneficiaries of the program for the first phase of evaluation and preparation of the service agreement, with the identification of the path in which s ‘must be entered by each beneficiary. We have trained and hired more than 400 Arpal Agency workers to carry out these activities.
The GOL program represents the intervention in the field of active labor and vocational training policies of the PNRR, and is intended for recipients of shock absorbers (Naspi Discoll and zero-hour layoffs) and other forms of income support (citizenship income ), as well as fragile or vulnerable workers (young NEETs under 30), women in disadvantaged conditions, people with disabilities, mature workers (55 years and older), unemployed with fewer job opportunities, regardless of the presence of support for income: long-term unemployed (looking for work for at least six months), young people and women, even those who are not in fragile conditions; self-employed people leaving the business or with very low incomes. All these categories will be offered one of the routes provided for by the Decree created by accredited subjects for work and professional training.
Priority, as provided for in the Territorial Plan, will be given to the beneficiaries of income support (Naspi, Discoll, Citizenship Income) who will be convened by the Centers and must necessarily join the Program as required. the Ministerial Decree of 5 November 2021, but immediately all beneficiaries can contact the Centers independently to arrange an appointment for admission to the Program.
The goal is also to achieve the second goal set by the PNRR, that is, to take charge of 10 percent of the beneficiaries on December 31, 2022, about 23,500 people.
Active policy and training courses will begin to be taught after the summer holidays and the selection of the implementing bodies with a specific Notice.
Approximately 68 million euros are allocated to Puglia at the moment, having achieved the first objective of approval of the regional program, which, in the presence of all objectives and milestones, will increase to 350 million euros by 2025 The new Youth Guarantee is ready to begin, in fact we expect from ANPAL the last technical procedures necessary to start the activities ”.
“I conclude by necessarily thanking my offices and all the officials in my department. In particular, I want to thank the director of the Department Silvia Pellegrini and the Heads of Section and Service of the departmental structure. Special thanks also go to the Managing Authority of the Puglia ROP 2014-2020 and to its structure, in fact, all interventions are funded with resources from the Regional Operational Program. The Public Administration is also experiencing a complex moment, with the continuous depletion of staff aggravated by the epidemiological crisis. Despite this – concludes Sebastiano Leo – the spirit of public service of these women and men is absolutely laudable “.

foto: Press office of the region of Puglia


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