GPS: “Why apply in May if the ratings are still to be released in late July?”

Renewed provincial and institute GPS rankings for the biennial 2022/23 and 2023/24: the question is online, in these hot days spent waiting for the publication of the lists? Why so much time between the application deadline and the results?

The answer is simple but not at all obvious: do it well, or at least as best you can, given the lack of staff in the school offices and the overload of work in the school secretaries.

Early submission of the application allowed for more accurate checks of the admission ticket

Unlike the previous biennium, with a lightning update in August and publication of the lists in a hurry, the current Ministry -thanks to the procedure already started with OM no. 60/2020 – work began as early as May, setting May 31 as the deadline to submit the application.

This date, although anticipated, has not left behind any of the applicants entitled to the first tranche, because the qualification and / or specialization reserve obtained before 20 July and until 21 July may be dissolved.

Certainly the date is arbitrary and many commissions did not have time to finish the work, but it is a step forward.

Similarly, no applicant has lost a score for the 2021/22 academic year since he was able to formalize the service performed after 31 May 2022 with a specific application closed on 15 July last.

The criticality of the second section remains, with applicants who will not be admitted to the lists for not having had time to reach the 24 CUs or having reached them after that date. Second class GPS classification, for the 24 CFU there was no provision for inclusion with reservation

But certainly the widespread task that many (many, not all) are carrying out for ticket control, which has already culminated in special decrees that have excluded even hundreds of aspirants, is certainly in advantage. of all. This means rankings made up only of applicants with a “clean” access title, already verified.

As has been said, many provinces are moving in this direction – and this, in our opinion, is the advantage of the update in May – others have failed to organize and will eventually opt for mass validation , leaving the task of the school secretaries once the first substitute education has been assigned. This is how multilevel control works

The reasons for the exclusion

  1. Applicants placed in office until the academic year. s. 2020/21 present in GPS: Applicants proposed for the 2021/22 school year, who have not yet completed the test course, cannot be canceled. Article 399, paragraph 3 bis, of the Refunding provides:Access to the position entails, once the training and probationary period has been successfully passed, the loss of any ranking intended for the hiring of fixed-term or indefinite employment contracts for school sector staff, with the exception of the rankings of the examinations. ordinary, for degrees and exams, of insolvency proceedings other than admission to the position”Read more about Teachers placed in the role, when and from which rankings you cancel. It depends on the year of work
  2. Applicants who have declared possession of the B6 title (See annex 3), section B of the application relating to “Score of academic, professional and cultural qualifications other than the access qualification”; point B6 relating to “Passing the tests of an ordinary competition based on baccalaureate and baccalaureate degrees and examinations if they are not assessed in accordance with point B.4” for which for each grade no. 3 points;
  3. Cdc A023: occurs if the joint degree is possibly the same declared as another B16 degree
  4. Foreign access permit: art. 7 paragraph 4 letter. e) OM 112/22 provides that if the entrance ticket has been
    obtained abroad and recognized by the Ministry, the details of the provision for the recognition of the degree must also be indicated; if the access certificate has been obtained abroad, but does not yet have the recognition required in Italy in accordance with current legislation, it must be declared that the corresponding application has been submitted to the competent office within of the term of presentation of the application of insertion (31.05.22). ) In order to be able to enroll subject to the recognition of the degree … pending the dissolution of the reservation, the applicant is included in the classification in the range possibly due based on the full-time degrees; GPS ranking, school offices publish lists of teachers enrolled with reservation for a foreign degree not yet recognized. There are no substitutes in the meantime
  5. A-55 without having declared at least one specific service: those who have the specific qualification of this type of competition, are not obliged to meet the service requirement and are excluded those who have declared the achievement of the qualification until July 20. Art. 4 of the OM. 112/2022 provides for the inclusion for the competition category A-55 only to those who, in addition to having the qualifications indicated in Annex E, referred to in the MIUR Decree of 09/05/2017 no. 259, have also performed a specific service of at least 16 days at music institutes.
  6. Applicants included with reservation with the relative typology
  7. He applicants not present in the previous two years and that they have declared instead of being there. We’ve delved into GPS rankings: Hundreds of applicants excluded for declaring “prior GPS inclusion”, but not listed
    On the other hand, the situation of the candidates who declared “pre-insertion” for the second GPS support band is different
  8. Declaration of possession of the reservation title (A – Survivors of victims of duty / disabled or relatives of disabled or killed by terrorist acts; B – Civil or war invalid; D – Invalid for service; E – Invalid for work or equivalent; Mother – orphan or refugee or war widow, for service and for work, N – civil invalid, P – Blind or
    Deaf and dumb; R – Short-term and fixed-term volunteers): the possession or not of the title is verified.
  9. Annuity support services: it is verified if these services have really been provided in the support and that the applicant in declaring it has privileged the common place.
  10. Applicants present at GaE with full rights for the same province and class of competition We talked about it in the GPS Ranking 2022/24, excluding those who have submitted an application in the same province and for the same category of inclusion competition in GaE.
  11. Competition class A061: verification of the required professional qualifications

We have dedicated an article to the exclusions of candidates with the different cases, partly already mentioned above:

  1. Degree + 24 is not indicated by OM n. 112 of May 6 as a title for the first stretch GPS 2022 rankings, degree or diploma + 24 CFU is not a title to be included in the first parenthesis. Rejected questions
  2. Lack of joint degrees
  3. competition classes until exhaustion
  4. it is not possible to choose competition classes activated only in Bolzano
  5. not activating the mandatory competition classes in the province. Deepening
  6. exceeded the 67-year age limit on September 1, 2022
  7. Not to teachers placed on the same cdc

We also remind you that the second level GPS rankings, for the 24 CFU there was no provision for inclusion with reservation.

When the publication is expected

The last task of the candidates is the dissolution of the qualification / specialization reserve before July 21st. Immediately afterwards, each day is useful for publication.

We remind you that for the 2022/23 academic year, the first GPS support band will be used for any recruitment aimed at the function.

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