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Filomena Giannelli honorary citizen of Alliste


ALLISTE – Twenty-six uninterrupted years of school management at the Integral Institute of Alliste-Felline and Melissano have made Filomena Giannelli, a native of Parabita and a resident of Matino, an honorary citizen of Alliste, become the principal. The executive leaves the command post, but will never be able to leave Alliste and his city community. The award was presented by the mayor of the city, Renato Rizzo, and the municipal administration, who have carried out the work carried out over the years.

“After more than 25 years of management of the Integral Institute of Alliste, the most deserved delivery of the” Honorary Citizenship “comes to Prof. Filomena Giannelli – read the motivation read during the meeting – Your deep professional commitment to the School Institution, his “foresighted” vision, his excellent organizational skills have allowed the school reality of Aliste to become a point of excellence and prestige for the whole Province and the whole of over the years, the Institute, thanks to the constant presence, strong determination and selflessness of the “leading” Executive of minds, has won numerous awards, recognitions and prestigious mentions in regional and national offices. “

To remember the successes gathered in recent years, Professor Anna Lucia Cavalera, her right arm. “The Abbiati Prize, the center of experimentation of the Ministerial Decree 8/2011, of musical certifications ABRSM, digital and linguistic certifications AICA.

The numerous Erasmus projects started in 2002 with the Socrates and Comenius projects, strongly inspired, desired and supported by the director Giannelli, have brought the notoriety and fame of the Comprensivo di Alliste throughout Europe to French Guiana.

Thanks to its merit, the Institute has achieved the recognition of Leading School of Sector 20 PU becoming an advanced training provider for all teachers of the 34 schools belonging to the Sector. Although the Manager’s reputation has crossed many borders, she has remained faithful to her “Mission” and “Vision”, the same ones that she has been able to transmit to all those who for one reason or another have allowed themselves to be “contaminated”. “. “; who guided her to always be by the side of the weakest, to recognize the goodness of each individual, with firmness and determination, always seeking the best for the growth and development of each.

You have been the creator of all this, you have understood, or rather, you have always known that the School is not a company, it is not an industry where objects are produced but the place that, par excellence, is responsible for growth . and the development of the citizen of tomorrow, where one learns to be together, to respect and be respected, to support and share one’s own choices and decisions, to help the weakest and to let the daring and enterprising fly, where no one feels out. of place “.

With joy and immense gratitude, proud and proud to be able to have her as a fellow citizen on behalf of the entire Allistina-Fellinese community, the mayor declared; we extend a long-awaited wish to our principal, thanking her for her dedication to her work which was a real revolution for the whole school and for her students.

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