Europe, what are the guidelines for the epidemiological contrast in force next year? A global look

The health emergency, due to the unpleasant appearance of viral variants whose circulation and the rate of infection arrive in a very short time, cannot be said to have ended, at least for the time being. The relaxation phase, usually in force during the summer period, is not reassuring due to the hundreds of thousands of infections that the Old Continent has every day: the total abandonment of provisions such as interpersonal distancing, the unhygienic mask to travel between countries has in fact caused. a significant increase in cases of positivity. A look, from the European Health Commission, is aimed at next autumn, corresponding to the resumption of training activities in schools and universities: what rules, or general guidelines, can be made fashionable to fight a virus whose pathology is increasingly endemic. and therefore almost impossible to combat its spread? The priority, also in view of the recent variant Centaurusit remains to guarantee the opening of training places at any cost, with the aim of avoiding unpleasant and dangerous discontinuity phenomena by widening the ranks of those who drop out of school early.

The new variant Centaurus: mask and spacing may not be enough

The arrival of a new SARS-CoV-related viral form, less lethal but more virulent, could nullify efforts related to interpersonal distancing, ventilation and the use of the mask within school structures in Europe. . European Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides has insisted on the reintroduction of non-pharmaceutical safety ventilation systems as part of a definitive emergency plan setting guidelines at EU level to return to class and the workplace in full security. It is necessary, with the European funds already arranged by NextGenEurope and by the European Stability Mechanism, provide for a definitive modernization of classrooms in order to accommodate effective ventilation technologies: this is planned in Germany, Austria, Belgium and France. EL advice of the European Union on school reopening are expressed in the document Preliminary public health considerations for hidden vaccination strategies 19 during the second half of 2022, which announces a possible return to non-pharmaceutical restrictions (known masks and spacing) to prevent forced closures at all costs by the increase in infections caused by the resumption of productive activities.


What are the next provisions in the beautiful country? Students and teachers waiting. Limited interventions

The European institutions are calling on member states to prepare an emergency plan to ensure a safe return to the classroom, as schools, as well as public transport, are not considered safe places. According to primary and summary estimates, approximately 360 million euros will be needed for the installation of air purifiers and innovative ventilation systems in all classrooms to ensure healthy environments with complementary use of masks and maintenance of interpersonal distancing, given the virulence attributed to the new variants. of the SARS – CoV virus in circulation. Few real steps have been taken, in addition to vain masks and distancing rules, to propose and create an attractive school building for teaching in the health emergency: very few interventions, sporadic installation of purification systems, none strategy of cohort adopted, despite the extremely positive and unanimous opinion of the international scientific community. In the summer months the modernization of the structures could have been carried out, but so far practically nothing has been done, despite the funds of the PNRR and the promises of the political forces belonging to the incumbent executive.

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