Alcara Le Fusi, multiclass for high school: request for repeal

The problem of creating multiple classes is taking hold of many schools in the province of Messina. That’s why I advertise Alcara Li Fusithe councilor for public education Morena Manasseriwithin the scope of his powers, he informed the new mayor Ettore Doctor and the new council the problem, calling for a formalization soon application for exemption from the institution of pluriclass in the primary and secondary school of the nebroid countryfor the school year 2022-2023, to be presented to the provincial and regional educational institutions.

Acting as an interpreter and spokesperson for the discomfort that parents and students have already experienced over the past school yearwho have addressed to Councilor Manasseri the complaints of discrimination against their children in sharing school desks with classmates of a different class, going against the difficulties because, for major reasons, there has been a commitment to the quality of teaching and the consequent educational level of students, as well as a slowdown in teaching activity caused by the inconvenience of having to face several different lessons simultaneously, it has launched the municipal machine so that this problem can be solved by initiating all possible initiatives to avoid the prospect of reconstituting the multiclass.

“Children represent the future, so it is incontrovertible that they must be placed in the most appropriate conditions to be able to develop their culture and grow in their life experiences.”a concept very close to the heart of the councilor for public education and the entire Alcara administration.

“It would be opportune, then, to overcome the rigidity of the fixed number that requires the formation of a class and to focus attention on the concept that it is not numbers but students, who have the right to be followed properly and with the time needed to overcome the difficulties they may encounter throughout their school career, to achieve a considerable educational level, it is also necessary to think about the teaching class, – concludes the commissioner – An important guide for all students, who must be able to effectively develop their professional activity and provide children with all the tools necessary to be able to grow in school and not. “