A postgraduate course is presented for technicians in the furniture sector

At the headquarters of the ITS Cuccovillo of Bari, the companies of the wood district of the Appulo-Lucanian furniture and the ITS “A. Cuccovillo” of Bari presented the first edition of the dual course post-diploma of high specialization in “Senior Process Technician., Product, Communication and Marketing for the Furniture Sector”, strongly favored and requested by the intervention of His Excellency Masi, immediately received by the Region of Puglia and Confindustria Bari-Bat. course will allow 25 young graduates, who dream of working in the world of home furniture, to achieve specialization in the field of design, production and marketing of furniture products.

The course is the result of an intense analysis of the potential of the territory, of the possibilities of growth of the sector and of the necessary competitions to initiate concretely this growth. Local administrations involved in the forefront to ensure support for local industry development initiatives in the furniture sector, local companies in need of highly specialized staff and ITS Cuccovillo, which has always been a leader in the training of Supertechnicians in the subject matter. mechatronics, met several times in recent months to fine-tune the ambitious project. The project was based on the analysis of the necessary and, therefore, highly requested professional competencies carried out with companies in the sector, which showed the interest in some competencies, to be considered strategic, and in particular the referents. to design, prototyping, production management and marketing and communication. The course will therefore introduce the student to the different specialties, allowing them to identify their attitudes that will be developed during the more than 800 hours of curricular internships. The 25 students selected together with the companies will be able to attend this highly specialized course, free of charge thanks to funding from the Puglia Region.

The event was attended by: Lucia Scattarelli – President of ITS “Antonio Cuccovillo”; The Honorable Angela Masi – Deputy of the Italian Republic; Sebastiano Leo – Councilor for Education, Training and Work of the Puglia Region; Marco Bronzini – Executive Councilor for School Planning and School Construction of the Metropolitan City of Bari; Cesare Pierpaolo De Palma – Confindustria Bari-Bat; Margherita Fiore – Councilor for Culture, Education and Leisure of the municipality of Altamura; Domenico Petruzzellis – Councilor for Spatial Planning, Sustainable Mobility, Digital Transformation and Civic Services of Santeramo in Colle City Council; Maria Schinco – Councilor for Productive Activities in the municipality of Gravina in Puglia; Roberto Vingiani – Director of ITS “Antonio Cuccovillo”.

Everyone has been “excited” starting with MP Masi who announced: “I am very excited that this idea of ​​mine has brought together the active interest of the institutions, ITS Cuccovillo, Confindustria and local companies. The first ITS course on system casa del Mezzogiorno will start in the most representative place, the Upper Murcia: a great opportunity for companies and young people in our area I thank those who have made this project concrete, together we have taken an important first step and I am convinced that we will be ready to face the many challenges that still await us. “

The other comments are also based on satisfaction. Among them, the regional councilor Leo stated: “His Apulians are excellences recognized throughout Italy, a testament to a placement capacity of around 80%. We continue to focus on the high competencies that must be offered to We aim for an economy based on a growing knowledge intensity aimed at meeting the needs of companies and making future workers more and more specialized ”.

For information: www.itsmeccatronicapuglia.it. The educational itinerary will begin in October 2022 and will last two years with the teaching of about 2000 hours of training, carried out at the headquarters of the ITS “Cuccovillo Academy, which will be held in the field murgiano and above all, at the headquarters of the companies.adherents.

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