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Too rightswithout correspondents Homework, kill the same Law! He American people who lives in the most tolerant and libertarian states, victims of the new, fierce anti-Western racism from far-left progressive. Therefore, to survive the Democrats Americans must quickly abandon the excesses of progressivism which could lead them to total defeat in the next elections Medium term.

Per Joe Biden one of the most disturbing signs of this came in February from the super progressive city of San Franciscohouse of the gender diversity and costumes, cultural laboratory of gay movements I lgbt and of tolerance in the use of psychotropic substances for the liberation of individual creativity and sexuality. To everyone’s surprise, the “San Franciscans” voted in favor of the resignation of three members elected in slate of the city school council (formed by the heads of the different school departments), which has the institutional task of determining the educational policies, giving binding guidelines to the city’s districts and public schools. The relative revocation, by the citizen electorate, made use of the procedure of “remember“, as regulated by State of California and admitted to 18 other US federal states, on the basis of which it is possible to dismiss and replace, before the expiration of their respective terms, the elected administrative heads in local institutions, such as those of education and prosecutors, led by a District Attorney. The reason for the expulsion of the three school counselors? Putting himself as a the ultra-advanced Taliban for the introduction of ideology “he woke up“In the primary and secondary programs, even getting to abolish the merit to privilege lucky draw students from minorities they will never be surpassed the entrance exam. But the calculations were wrong, penalizing the strong Asian minority who holds the top spots in the selection thanks to his children. Thus, the Mother Tigers The San Francisco Chinese have successfully activated the remember send the ultra-progressives home.

Then the same fate decreed with the withdrawal procedure was touched district attorney of San Francisco, guilty of being too lenient with the street crimethe sale and abuse of drugs and the spread of the phenomenon of homeless (“homeless”), Which causes intolerable degradation even in the city’s luxury neighborhoods. More generally, there is a serious problem of intellectual racism in American society anti-white promoted by “wokeism“(Paradoxically adopted by the white, rich and wealthy intellectual classes!), Which represents a kind of anti-Western hyperpuritan ideology, derived from the extremist theories of”politically correct“Made from the 60s a American university campuses. The term derives from the verb “he woke up”, Be alert, for the purposes of the indefinite defense of the rights of ethnic minorities and against abuse of the “whites,” considered demagogically responsible for all present and past sufferings they suffer black community and natives, from the first moment of the discovery of America. Since wokeism has been fully adopted by the powerful media lobby and the super-rich who are at the helm of the planetary digital holdings of Gafa (Google, Amazon, Facebook/Half, apple), its extremization has given rise to the so-called and unfavorable “cancel the culture“So any symbol, statue, literary work, American historical personality that violates its sacred dogmas must, in principle, be literally canceled from squaresGive it to her libraries, of higher education. Moreover, their authors, if they are contemporary, are condemned, indexed and removed from theirs. work placesfollowing the invisible and ruthless verdict of the court of social network (who never rests!), without his victims having committed any crime, neither from the point of view of the civil code, nor of the penal one.

A passionate author and an excellent connoisseur of American reality, like his companion Federico Rampini, trace in his recent essay, “Western suicide“An absolutely alarming and dramatic picture of the destructive effects that culture aroused / canceled / politically correct (“Wcpcc”) It is provocative in American society. Within the latter, we are witnessing in every aspect a real one civil war, with a “crack“(dividing line) increasingly clear and unmovable between conservatives and progressives. Paradoxically, the excesses of the WCCP push the same Afro / Latin / Asian-American minorities, although hyper-protected, to move more and more towards conservative field. In all likelihood, it will be this hyper-progressive madness of American Democrats that will make Joe Biden a lame duck (“lame duck”), Putting Democrats in the Congressfollowing the results of the next elections of Medium termset for next November.

too The economist stands out (in perfect harmony with Rampini) in his “Progressive Peak“(“It puts a limit on progressivism”), As the consensus for the Democratic Party is found drop free to American public opinion, because of madness like the “founding the police“(“withdraw state funds from the police“); the spread ofimpunity for petty criminals (arrested in the act of crime but immediately released by local progressive prosecutors, who refuse to charge them, despite their miles of criminal record); there lack of punishment of those responsible for looting of shops and supermarkets, in the wake of repeated riots and riots that occurred recently in numerous U.S. cities, following the murder of African Americans by police.

Among other things, in many cases, be penalized for such extreme acts of vandalism they were smallholders and managers belonging to African, Asian and Latin minorities that the WCCP paradoxically sought to protect from the abuses of the “whites”! Therefore, in terms of fight against illegal immigrationto crime and the drastic drop in the quality of education, voters in the most progressive cities today reject the policies and slogans of the past, very popular in thesummer 2020 At the time ofhomocide from George Floydfrom the top of contagion and mortality due to pandemic from COVID-19[feminine]which had made many dream of returning to America in the time of Roosevelt.

Almost everywhere, in large urban centers, the democratic electorate – including the working classes and citizens of ethnic minorities (beneficiaries of the privileged treatment recognized by Woke’s extremism) – insist onabandonment of the excesses of progressivism. And if this change in democratic policies does not occur quickly, it will be the Republicans from Donald Trump to make the most of it. It will suffice, in fact, to argue that in economics Democrats are only gods incompetent socialistswho only know how to ask to open borders, demonize the police, ideologically indoctrinate children (see the absurd campaign of school education for the legitimacy of the “fluid genre”!), Thus causing the fall of America. Apparently, objective facts and simple and compelling messages, in which several supporters of the Democratic camp (as parents and citizens) agree, thus laying the groundwork for the Republican victory in the November midterm elections and for the Trump’s return to 2024! The prophecy of the progressive is true in this regard Ro Khanna – Deputy of California and next collaborator of Bernie Sanders – according to which the democrats “they win the battle of ideas which, however, they do not know how to put into practice! “. Here: symmetrically, the right center The Italian, a winning figure in 2023, should take advantage of Khanna’s maxim to achieve the cherished goal of “governability”!

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